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Readers Respond: How Aquarium Owners Cope With Ammonia Poisoning

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  • From the article: Ammonia Poisoning
    Ammonia poisoning hits a lot of aquariums at some time or other. Unfortunately many owners lose fish before they even know what ammonia poisoning is. Did you recognize it right away? What did you do about it? How do you deal with it?

    precaution against ammonia poisoning

    my aquarium water is turning greenish and cloudy, is this dangerous, pl help.
    —Guest jaiswal, cp

    amonia poisoning gold fish

    50 gal. tank with large fish. Lost 2 in few weeks.
    —Guest Dennis

    Ammonia levels fine but Goldfish is turn

    My 9 gold orandas are turning black. I have tested the water and Ph and nitrates and everything shows that it is normal. Help please.
    —Guest Cheryl


    Using ammo-lock for 5 days but ammonia still high can I also use aqua detox as well as- in my external filter system?
    —Guest rose


    Hey, I just won 2 goldfish from the fair three days ago. the water was pretty dirty but the fish looked fine. we got a new tank and put some dark- colored rocks at the bottom along with a shell. one fish is pretty active and looks fine, but the other one is lethargic and its stomach is turning a dark brown/ black. Is this because of the rocks, or do the fish have ammonia poisoning? we have had problems with the neighborhood pool because the water by our house is very hard. could this have anything to do with it? we got some drops from the pet store to help treat the water for the normal things and got instructions to never put them in untreated water. we have not yet, but we have changed the water whenever it got cloudy. the fish are in a 1 gallon tank because they are tiny. should we do anything differently? these are our first fish and we have no idea how to care for them. they are in partial light, and it is july right now if any of that matters. I don't want my first fish to die.
    —Guest A.P.Erson


    please help, my 64l tank is over a year old,it is cycled, i have 4 small fancy goldfish,but the ammonia has gone to 0.25,with doing 4 20% water changes its still 0.25, what has happened, what have i done wrong, water normally changed and cleaned once a week

    Lost an Oscar to Ammonia

    I had two small oscars (3.5 and 2 inch). The larger of the two became sluggish and began to sit on the bottom after a week of being in the tank. He eventually passed away while the other survived. He had all the signs of ammonia poisoning; slow moving, not eating, sitting on the bottom of the tank, "gasping". make sure to check for ammonia, with testing strips and also for the signs of a suffering fish
    —Guest k Hugh

    My Solution

    For two days straight I did a 30% water change with Distilled Water (no conditioner needed), water only. After two days, I did another 30% water change. After two more days, a 40% water change. During the entire time the fish were not fed and when I did the water changes, I vaccumned the gravel, thoroughly. My levels are all good 1 week later and the fish were finally sparingly fed. The water should be changed and the gravel vaccumed once a week to keep the levels correct and your fish happy. Hope this helps.
    —Guest Tina

    ammonia up ph non existant-established

    I need help. I have had an established tank for several years. my ph seemed to drop to 6.2 when I changed gravel. It has been this level for approx 3 years, Currently I am housing only 3 large angels and a very large Urua. My ammonia levels spiked, ph is a horrible yellow color. I have been doing partial water changes to no avail. I am now putting in a ph buffer, but ammonia continues to climb. I am feeding very little. I am at a loss as to what is going on and what to do. thanks for any help. Michelle

    Ammonia Poisoning?

    My fish are very lethargic. They are in a fresh water tank, and we just got a new "algae eater" a few short weeks ago. Everything was fine, until a few days ago. The older fish we have (majority are platys) started to sink to the bottom and hide between the decorations. They seem to look like they're sleeping. Also, one of them today, I noticed had a few white spots on them. I've seen all the info on the disease diagnosis websites, but as they are fresh water fish, adding salt isn't an option. Help! I haven't lost any fish yet, but I don't want any to die b/c I didn't do anything. Thanks!
    —Guest Jessica


    My ammonia has been between 2r and 4 ppm no dead fish no nitrite/nitrate 50 % water changes hasent helped or ammo lock or chips . Why?
    —Guest Jimmy

    My Oscar fish are both lying on bottom ?

    Do you think they have Ammonia Poisining?Please help!!!!!
    —Guest MzSassy

    My ammonia level

    My ammonia levels are 0.25mg I have done a water cange 2days ago all checks was ok check ammonia again now showing 0.25
    —Guest Teresa

    I yes a product natural earth

    I use the natural earth powder to clarify the water once every 3 day. I'm waiting for the result
    —Guest Xavier

    ammonia overlooked

    just finished an emergency water change,had overstocked with baby rams,which grew very fast.Lost a few,did a test,ammonia off the scale in three established tanks.Used aquarium salt and zeolite in both filters and suspended in net bag with baby rams,within hours, water condition brilliant,ph normal,nitrates,nitrites, dropping rapidly,fish regaining activity.Can't understand how 8 cardinal tetras seemed totally unaffected in same tank,
    —Guest pg57

    How do you deal with it?

    How Aquarium Owners Cope With Ammonia Poisoning

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