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Readers Respond: How Aquarium Owners Cope With Neon Tetra Disease

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Although it is incurable, quick diagnosis can save tankmates from becoming infected. Have you ever had fish with Neon Tetra Disease? How did you diagnose it? What tips can you give others for catching it early? How do you deal with it?

Other fish affected?

I had 6 neons in my 55gal, I also have in my tank, 1headlight/taillight, 1 red tetra (not sure name) 3 blackskirts, 1 mystic shark (catfish - re-homing if this is not a problem), a pleco (also rehoming), and both a reg, and a albino rainbow (seem to be getting along okay) and 1 cory cat 1 male guppy and 1 female molly. new additions: 4 neons - petco : all died, thought maybe I added to soon before acclimated fully, now not so sure. 2 golddust lyretail mollies 1 bamboo shrimp i now only have 2 neons left, of the 10. will my other fish be affected and when can i get new neons (quarantined first this time of course) or new fish? I don't want anymore to die. Oh the mystic shark has been less active and more skittish lately. (after tetra problem) could this be related? He will spook then rams into tank walls (can't rehome til I know its safe to do so.. hoping he doesnt kill himself in the meantime)
—Guest Lost my pretties

Some cure should be prescribed

I bought 1 dzn harlenquin rasbora and neon,in 1 week 50% tankmates died n dyng.i feel bad,i can't help.send me a cure plz.
—Guest Sagar

so sad!

This is so sad! FIND A CURE!!! PLEASE! lost all my fish in my 60 gal to this! I didn't even know my fish were infected until to late. :/
—Guest FishyMomma

neon tetra

1 of my tetras got white bumps on it and in the next few weeks all 12 of my neons died! WHY?????
—Guest ECHO


One of my 4 fish died first and it had turned white. Unfortunately I did not know to remove my other fish as well. They all died but at least when I get another one I'll know what to do. If one fish starts to act weird separate it from any other fish.
—Guest candybunny

How do you deal with it?

How Aquarium Owners Cope With Neon Tetra Disease

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