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Readers Respond: Have you kept a Silver Dollar?

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From the article: Silver Dollar
Have you kept a Silver Dollar? If so, share your experiences about care, habitat, feeding and breeding of Silver Dollars. Your knowledge could help other owners! Share Your Experiences

lovely fish

I have 6 sds living with 3 bala sharks, 2 green severums, 2 bristlenoise catfish, 3 sucking cafish, 5 black widows, 1 rainbow shark, 1 golden killi fish, 4 mollies , 1 swordtail, 10 neon tears, 2black tetras, 1 goodnight tetra , 4 pristellas, 5 white clouds, 1 whiptail catfish, 2 corys, 2glass catfish, 1 rummynoise tetra all living together happily in a 4 ft tank the sd's are the stand out fish in the tank I recomend to every tank owner I also have 3 lyre tail guppies I'm breeding if anyone is interested let me know.
—Guest daniel

ive got sds

Hi all ive got 2 s.d's are they ok to go with bolivan rams? And other south American cichlids? Thanks
—Guest vicky

My Dollar

I had a Dollar the size of a nickel when I bought him. he jumped out of the tank to his death a couple years ago after having him for three years. a beautiful fish but he used to eat his room mates, which were never expensive fish. he had personality all his own. knock on is tank when he was hungry. kiss my finger tips. When I got home from work each day, he would get excited in the tank splashing. miss the little guy and I think I will go buy me another. I recommend this fish to anyone.

Silver Dollars

Silver Dollars are a very gentle breed, they don't like a lot of light or fast movement around the tank. I've heard folk's say they're not too smart but I've found them to be very intelligent. They respond to my voice and they have very distinct personalities. I have 4 in my 75 gallon tank, I will have to get a bigger tank and I'm looking at a 185 gal. They eat a lot, I have to watch because they'll eat up the other fishes food as well. They love zucchini skin and cucumbers,brine shrimp and blood worms. I soak their food in vita-chem and garlic guard it not only tastes better to them it gives them the vitamins they need. Anyone considering Silver Dollars should beware of living space...they need a lot of it! It breaks my heart to hear stories of people cramming them into small tanks. These guys are prone to diseases from pet stores as I had to find out the hard way...mouth fungus seems to be common. They're beautiful fish and need extra care but they're very worth it!

Silver Dollars

After my 200gl arrived I transported my 4 silver dollars into it along with my 2 emerald corycats and their old 100 gl became my 10 mollies new tank(4 gold dust lyre tails, 2 Dalmatians, 2 silver mollies, and 2 black mollies 2 males and 8 females) Nice fish
—Guest Sarah

silver dollar bloat

Ihave 4silver dollars in a90 gallon tank along with 6angels, 4 bala sharks, 2 festivems some gouramis and a Asian whale fish. Something is chewing up my plastic plants. I suspect the silver dollars. One of them is rreally bloated. Could his system be cloged if he is swallowing the plastic,l dont know if they just spit it out or not. He eats just like the rest of the fish and swims just fine. His body has 2 big lumps one behind the other,he has been like this for a couple of months and is getting worse. Any ideas?
—Guest Dennis Harrison

silver and spotted dollars

I hav a siliver n two spotted dollars best fish anyone could own bt mus hav big tank
—Guest sadurbanguy


we have 14 silver dollars, which we got as a gift along with a 4 foot aquarium and all the gear, about 3 weeks ago. There are 4 larger ones (about 5 inches across), 5 offspring (about 3 inches), and one tiny one, the sole survivor of the last egg laying. Yesterday one of the big ones started swimming 360s, cartwheeling, and full-on flying around the tank...we thoiught he was on a mating orgasmic high because a fer days earlier we had noticed the telltale black dots on two of the fishes sides...(not sure if he was one of them tho...!?) Anyway, it soon became obvious it was a swim bladder problem, and the aquarium people said there was little we could do...he needed to make peace with his family! I was about to farewell him to the sea as bait, when I came across your site...suddenly we saw hope that this may not be curtains for our senior SD. after all. We fed him a pea by pippette and it looks like he's coming good...he's more upright than downwrong now...will keep you guys posted...

My new silver dollar

Yesteday i bought 1 sd, 3 mollies and a pleco. The sd was about 1.3 inch in size. I thought that it will remain the same size. But while surfing on the internet, i was shocked when i saw a video on youtube of a 8 INCH silver dollar. If i knew that it will become that size i wont had bought it cause my aquarium is not enough big for a fish like that
—Guest Niven


Our silver dollers all are losing there bottom lips and are dieing very slowly any help would be appreciated thanks
—Guest Davey

Not for a small tank

I have seen number of sites suggesting that the minimum tank size is 20g. This is fine if you want to see your sd dead in a few months. I have kept my 4 sd in a 55g tank and it is obvious to me that they as they grow, and mine are less than few months old, they will need even larger tank for optimal health. If you really care about your fish don't put them in a tiny tank. Sd can reach 7-8 inches and are designed to swim so a group of 4-6 of them woul need more than a 100g tank. If you are not prepared to provide it, than don't by sd.
—Guest Lovefish


If annie is watching.my platy is also very friendly with my sd and rubs her side and moves up and down her body and circles her.i have taken a video of it.very unusual I think.
—Guest Al

sd munchies

I have 5 fully grown dollars all 6-7 inch. I also keep very young angel fish corys and bala sharks. They will only eat very small fish neons etc they are the most peacefull fish I have owned. It is even possible to keep neons if they are all raised together as they wont see them as food
—Guest jay

sd munchies

i have found that my silver dollars will try anything they can fit in their mouth including small fish like neon's a wee snack. My dollars were a bit skittish in a 4 ft long tank, but now they are in a 6x2 ft they love it and dont act skittish anymore
—Guest jay

silver dollar fish

I have one that is almost 19 years old and has survived in almost every water condition imaginable, moving to new homes in containers etc. I only have the one dollar fish and he is social with the other fish in my tank. The thing is, he blinks! I keep getting told it's not possible but have lots of witnesses! He never got really big either. Feed him flake and algae wafers and recently blood worms because of my black ghost. Fun little friend, we call him Buck:)
—Guest Sheila

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