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Readers Respond: Have you kept a Red Hook Silver Dollar?

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Have you kept a Red Hook Silver Dollar? If so, share your experiences about care, habitat, feeding and breeding of Red Hook Silver Dollars. Your knowledge could help other owners! Share Your Experiences

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

Everything I read suggested that Red Hooks are nervous (correct), shoaling (correct) and peaceful (so wrong) fish. I put 10 of them (3") in a 240 gallon system and worried that they may suffer from the attention of my 8 Severums when they got big enough. I did not bargain for the Red Hooks being the problem. The Severums are fine, but in a week I lost three lovely Clown barbs from internal bleeding. Now they are clearly attacking a 21 year old Royal Panaque at night. Though well armoured, the Panaque is clearly suffering, but too stubborn to get out of the way (other similar sized Loricarides are untouched, but the Panaque always ruled the roost and I suspect is suffering because it does not back down). This clearly happens in the dark as I never see it. Ten Red Hooks is a big outlay and I am at my wits end, especially as all this fighting is damaging their mouths. Based on my experience I can only advise caution. You would think a 7' x 2' x 2' tank would be big enough, but no!
—Guest Steven H, Bedfordshire UK

red huck dollers

I have five of red hucks! They are owsome n I belive vey hard fish. I got them very little n thought if they would be able to make up with the Oscars which were larger then them. Then something went wrong n one by one almost all of my Oscars (of great quality) died. But dollers are still swimming nicely n all of them are healthy. When I tried to find out the cause of deaths, got to know it was some bacteria, but it couldn't touch dollers. These fish have guts to live in bad times. A great pet I must say. I wish I could have send u the pictures, they look awsome 5 months old now.
—Guest ravi

Silver dollar fish and red hook dollar

I have 2 silver dollar fish & 2 red hook sillver dollar fish they are peaceful in general. His scientific name is metynnis hypsauchan. my fish are 10year old & red hook dollar fish is 9 year old. They are plants eatter They eat flake food,live piants,cichlid pellets and cucumber. And my 1silver dollar is pregnant. And my fish tank is 100cm
—Guest Nilesh


any one have experience of this I have 4 red hooks one of which has a swolen belly they schoolwith 2 silver dollars and are way over 10 years old

great fish

awesome fish. there are many different subspecies. love wax worms and romaine lettuce
—Guest anon

Red hook silver dollars

i got 2 red hooks recently and they seemed alright but then they started to get aggressive with some of my other fish. They have started to nip at the tails of my tinfoil barbs. are they just aggressive ones or are they naturally like that?
—Guest patrick


I have redhooks, two are 15 years old, need to be in schools , and require a large tank 100 gallon or more! Avoid glass heaters, they dart around tank and will break glass heaters. These fish can live with many types of fish,but no fish that will fit in its mouth, they are vegatarians, but enjoy eating neons guppies and the like. I have found these fish to be easy to care for. I have a school of 10 at this time. I feed them veggie pellets, chiclid pellets, spirliana flakes, cucumbers.
—Guest swampcat

Red Hook

I have silver dollars and angels but just recently(2mths ago) purchased a red hook. I find him to grow faster and he is definitely more aggressive than the others. I caught him eating my otto cat which the other fish never bothered. He tends to chase the others more aggressively all the time. He is very pretty but I don't know whether he is needing more of his type or whether I have just gotten a very aggressive one.
—Guest angelmom

Keeping Red Hook Silver Dollars

Red Hooks are striking fish, they grow very large and very fast so a large (150 gallon for a group) tank is a must. They are very active fish that absolutely need to be kept in groups because they like to school. They love to eat vegetable matter. I feed them cichlid pellets, pleco tabs, blanched spinach, zuchinni, and plant cuttings from another tank. They are shy fish that get scared easily and freak out and crash on the tank glasses. They are very peaceful with other fish, I even have a small group of neon tetras with them. They have a hierarchy among the group. I also have a group of regular silver dollars (argenteus) and both species school together. Hardy and easy to care for, only seem to be susceptible to Ich but if caugth on time they heal immediately. Easy and long lived fish but get a large tank for them
—Guest Ricardo

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Have you kept a Red Hook Silver Dollar?

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