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Readers Respond: What have you done to rid yourself of snails?

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From the article: Removing Aquarium Snails
Where do they come from? How do they multiply so rapidly? What can you do to get rid of them? Anyone who has fought snails knows it is a tough battle. Share you tips with others who are battling the scourge of exponential snail growth. Help others battle snails

This is THE answer

Go to a pet store and buy an aquarium decoration, it is bright green and looks like it has plastic small "leaves" all over it. The snails love these things and will attach to it by the hundreds. I then take the whole thing out, put in the sun and they fall off like snow. I then soak it in hotwater or run it through the dishwasher and viola! I put the clean "catcher" back in two days ago and it is already full and ready for another round of cleaning. This is great because the dead snails are outside the tank. Not sure if this will work or not, but this shows the type of surface that they are attracted to: http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTWkIewHs2g-ddeiTFT3YPR5cApS1OrJgOsFyeoIgY6Cog_Gfk4BA:media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/236x/6a/b6/75/6ab675224fb9570d0cf4ae1f198bddec.jpg


I used to have an uncontrolled snail population. The gravel on the bottom of the tank grew two sizes bigger from all of the snails crawling on the bottom. I, personally, used to be a big fan of snails, so I didn't really mind. Then I realized that FISH AND TOO MANY SNAIL DO NOT WORK!!! The snails pooped EVERYWHERE and the plants were NOT able to eat them up in time. The nitrite level started to increase and my guppies started dying out. Then I had a genius idea which doesn't require money or anything... it just requires time. Just CLEAN OUT YOUR TANK!!! And I'm not talking water re-fill. I am talking take EVERYTHING out (the first step would be to relocate your fish temporarily) and let it soak in boiling hot TAP water for some time. The chlorine in the tap will kill your snails. Of course, the snail eggs will still remain in shape but they won't be alive anymore. It is kind of heart breaking but it's for the good of your fish=)
—Guest Katie

re snails

I too bought assin snails but they were assinated by my longhorns I don't seem to have gravel anymore just snail its getting that bad all bottom of my tank seems to move please help
—Guest Annemarie

How I got rid of my many huge snails

I threw them out in the snow and first they got real sleepy and then they eventually went to sleep. frozen. they did'nt even suffer.
—Guest denise

To get rid of snails

I got just one Clown Loach for my tank and in less than six months I did not have a single snail! The fish did all the work, I just kept up my 55g tank as normal with bi-monthly cleaning/water changes.
—Guest Kevin

Asian mystery snail

Our lake is full of Chinese or Japanese mystery snails because someone emptied their tank. It took two years to have the shells 2-3 inches deep on the shore and a 12 by 12 in section in the lake with at least 160 snails. This is the whole lake. Be careful where you put your water. Swimming is almost ruined and I found that these snails are a host for flukes that can infect humans.
—Guest Nan Domonique

how to battle snails

go to walmart buy depending on your size of the fishtank. buy the 5 gallons bouckets at 2.78 than remove half your water from your tank, remember you want to get the water free of snails. remove half the water. in one of the buckets make sure you put your fish in it. Becarefull not to get any sanail int he water. than heat grab everything from the tank plants, rock, decoration and submerged them in hot water. everything needs to be submerge in hot water. the best thing to do is grab one of the 5 gallon buckets and put all your rocks and including decoration. remember to put your filters as well as they also may contain eggs. than remember to wash your tank with hot water as well. we did this with two tanks, both tanks now are free of snails. ps. we did heat water in pots than pour a mixture of cold water and hot water remember the water does not need to be super hot. if you put your hand in it and you feel it hot it should be hot enough to kill the snails.

Snail Problem

Have never herd of assissin snails being killed by other snails, in my opion they most likely died from bad water conditions, or another fish eating them, But then you would not see any remains.
—Guest Harvey

Pesky snails killed my assassin snails

I don't know what to do? I bought 10 assassin snails to kill the pesky snails, but they killed my assassins and now there is more snails. I have tried coppersafe, algea eater solution, but nothing seems to be working. Any suggestions?
—Guest wolfmum


Use dwarf puffers to get rid of them. If its FRESHWATER, of course. They are aggressive to other fish and themselves, and with pester and kill other fish when all snails are gone. I think it's best to have a small 2-10 gallon tank with one or up to 4 in a 10 gallon and put them in the other tank when the problems starts again.
—Guest Your homeboy

How to get rid of aquarium snails

I don't know how to completely get rid of snails, but to thin the amount quickly its not hard at all. You will need a lg plastic cooking spoon and an algae eaters wafer. Put the spoon into the aquarium over night with the wafer in the scoop area, turn the light off for the evening and in the morning there will be many in the scoop area . Just lift out and you will have thinned out your snail population quit a bit. I do thin routinely to keep the population down
—Guest Jennifer

wash plants with hot salty water

I have bought 2 plants from a pet shop and saved one snail from dying for my beta fish bowl . And then the rest was dipped in a warm water solution with condenced salt for 10 minutes then rinsed the plant in a sink with cold water.
—Guest shamsa

Lettuce Works

I parboiled (2 min on high) a leaf of lettuce in water in a large soup bowl. Dropped it weighted with a veggie clip (non-floating) at night after lights out. Once I removed it in the morning, I also left it in for two nights and it appeared to snare more after two nights. The lettuce started to deteriorate after two nights. That's the longest it should left in the tank to reduce the possibility of nitrate increase.
—Guest avraptorhal

Total War

Ever since my Madagascar Lace was destroyed my a previously-unknown Ramshorn Snail population, I declared a full scale war on the snails. I'm talking diluted bleach, copper, the lettuce trick, traps, loaches, and Assassin snails. No more snails now!
—Guest David Stokes

Snail genocide

Snail haters, there may be a solution! I used AlgaeFix by API to control an algea bloom in a tank that was also overridden by snails. The solution is NOT safe for invertabrates, the proof - after one month of repeat dosage (following package instructions) EVERY SINGLE SNAIL IS DEAD. Gone, not even a sign they were there. I had one type of snail, will anyone else try this and see if it works for their snail problem?
—Guest Chris

Help others battle snails

What have you done to rid yourself of snails?

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