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Readers Respond: What have you done to rid yourself of snails?

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I got a couple of Clown Laches, and later on I got a couple more! It took less than a week for the first bunch to clear up the snails, and the other two were just because I fell in love with Clown Loaches. It's like having a three ring circus in your tank!
—Guest stoney13

Lazy Loaches

I must have some lazy loaches I have 2 healthy loaches in my tank for a year now and still overrun with snails. Lettuce trick did not work either since my Plecto devours it before the snails do at least I never have seen a single snail on the leaf at night or in the morning. So unfortunately neither of these worked for me. They are clown loaches by the way.
—Guest bonvechioc

I love my clown loaches!

They are among the most comically funny, most colorful, and most lovely tempered fish ever kept in an aquarium. And they LOVE to eat snails. They suck them right out of their shells, like they were ice cream in an ice-cream-cone. W
—Guest warren

Good Idea

I have found a great way on how to get rid of the tiny snails. What you have to do is get a small jar and put a little bit of lettuce in it and put it at the bottom of the tank! Me and my parents have found out that it works great!
—Guest Georgia


Loaches are great for removing snails from your tank because they suck them right out of the shell. Clown loaches can get to 10 inches long so I personally would use a yoyo loach.
—Guest Zhangis Khan

Get a trio of clown loaches

An excellent community tank fish, and it loves to eat snails. W
—Guest wp

Weapons in the "Snail Wars"

The most effective weapon I have found to combat snails is the family of fish called botia. Many are commonly known as loaches and probably the best known is the clown loach. A beatiful fish (a little on the delicate side) but a warrior against snails nonetheless. They and their cousins the yoyo loaches and skunk botias are probably the best snail eaters that I know of. At present I have skunks in a 30 g tank. I net out snails from my infested tanks and toss them in with the skunks. Within just a few days, there is a pile of empty shells in one corner of the tank. I think it is just the water current doing the piling up, but it looks like they finish off a snail and then toss the empty shelll in the corner with the rest of them. A chemical weapon is called "Had a Snail" and it works too. But you have to be careful leaving the dead snails in the tank, they can foul the water. Anything with copper in it, like Aquari-Sol will also kill snails. Good luck, John
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