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Readers Respond: What have you done to rid yourself of snails?

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Geting rid of Snails

I have used train transformers "12v DC" many times to get rid of snails. I starded using this method when I was a kid some 55+ years ago. It may cloud your water for a few days but that is temporary. I will aso vacuum out the dead for a few day to get rid of the dead animal load. If your using a transformer keep it low and watch for air bubbles on the snails. They will detach and start falling to the bottom. Thanks Gary
—Guest Gary Floyd

re-snail question

I've had the same issue in my tanks before. The thing that I always do that seems to work well is that I sink a big lettuce leaf, let it sit on the bottom for 24 hours, and then I take it out and toss it. Most the snails will have found the lettuce and will be all over it.
—Guest Kira

Snails in a 125g

I have THOUSANDS of those ramshorn snails that piggybacked from plants that were tossed in thinking thinking the cichlids would eat the plants...well they didn't. I've used Quick Cure, 10 loaches(which didn't do anything) and 2, 4 oz bottles of Copper Safe. Still I have snails...HELP !!!
—Guest JET314

Salt and lettuce

I made a snail trap. Small Tupperware with 1/8 inch holes drilled in it. Add a little gravel and some lettuce and sank it. Snails crawled inside and I pulled them out. Then, when I did tank cleaning, I sprinkled everything, including as much gravel as I could get out, with kosher salt then rinsed everything very well. Took a couple of tries but now no snails.
—Guest Nobody

Get some Clea Helena snails!

Assasin snails (Clea helena) did the trick for me.......and have the advantage of being very small & undemanding additions to your tank.......unlike loaches! I brought about 5or 6 Clea Helena over the internet and just poppped in the tank..........they slowly but surely got rid of my trumpet snail infestation, and Clea Helena don't breed in the tank so you don't have to worry about having your assasin snails over running your tank....they won't.......they look prett too. Leaving bait and bottle traps do trap trumpet snails, but I found that you need to do this on a daily basis as they breed as fast as you trap them, making it a daily un winning battle. Assasin snails did the job in about 2-3 months and I assume they must also eat the trumpet snail eggs as you will notice less and less trumpet snails each week until they are no longer. Assasin snails also guarantee that you don't get reinfected, as the should the stray trumpet snail find its way into your tank via new plants or fish!
—Guest KL

Assassin snails

Assassin snails have worked for me, though I fear my hammer's cobalt blue lobster may have eaten them all - I haven't seen any in a few weeks. However, they have a tendency to bury themselves, and every so often, a new batch seems to emerge. Anyway, they keep my main tank clean of nuisance snails.
—Guest Wolfy

Assasin snails dying...

I love my assassin snails, & I never thought I'd like any snail! They do the job yet 1 of mine killed another, I believed they were mating but then no snail in shell??? I have a hard time keeping them alive. I have tried the lettuce trick & I caught none. I am at a loss & can't even have one loach in my Rasbora Tank as it would eat my small Rasbora! Back to the LFS!
—Guest aquagir55


I purchased a new plant and 2days later I had at least 20 snails. Tried all sorts. Only thing that worked was once a week I removed all the gravel and boiled it. Rinsed the plants with fresh water. Within a month no more snails
—Guest mute

Wait and see

I have a tank of guppies... I see one tiny snail from time to time and I just went a bought myself a big one. I personally think I could use a few more but I guess only time will tell if the ones I have multiply and save me a trip back to the pet store!!
—Guest sarah


I had an ongoing problem with all these little snails all over the glass. I would squish them every morning when the lights went on, but they were still always there. This was in my shrimp tank. Well I guess I was overfeeding my shrimp a little bit and I started to have a real issue with planaria. So I bought some stuff from Orlando over at Greenleaf Aquariums called no planaria. It worked, and quess what, it killed all those little snails too!
—Guest Jimbo

Pennies from Heaven?

Pennies! Copper sulfate in tiny amounts from the pennies! Shiny new ones in the gravel, where the snails live. We used 7-8 in a 10 gallon fresh water aquarium. Worked for us...no shrimp...no snails in a long time now....4 weeks....prolly take about half of them out soon if the snails remain history. It's Workin' for us!

Assassin Snails

I swear by my assassin snails, I have a few in each tank and they eat all the little snails. I was over run before I got my assassins, as I have a lot of plants. I really like how the assassins look too. Its gone from me having tons of little snails to now I see the odd one now and again. I would recommend them.
—Guest fishlady

No more pest snails!

They must have hitch-hiked on some new plants I bought. I was taking out 50 to 60 a day when I found out about another snail: clea helena, popularly called 'assassin snail' from Asia. They eat the pest snails! I bought 10 online (none at my local LFS) and lo an behold within a month there was not ONE pest snail in my tank. They are appreciated by aquarists and very good for the aquarium. Now they are happily breeding and helping to keep the substrate clean. However I also do frequent water changes. Yes, assassin snails are just a terrific solution. Try it. .
—Guest Cloe

bye bye snails

I was having problems with snails. I bought myself a crayfish, voila snails disappeared. They eat all the snails up.
—Guest sarah

I'm watching you from the sewer drain

Most pennies of the last 20 years are zinc, with only 5% as copper - best check effects of zinc on a tank if you are dropping todays pennies in a population with plants/moss/shrimp

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