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Readers Respond: When you catch fish do you use one net or two, and why?

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From the article: Fish Nets
Catching fish can be a major challenge. Some people swear by the two net method, while others steadfastly only use one. What do you do, and why? Share your story

Net Skills

I am out of practice. Years ago I could catch fish with one net. Now I feel like I can't catch anything without tearing down the tank. I can use two nets but I have to be very stealthy and patient. I have better luck with clean, clear plastic containers. The fish are used to my hands being in the aquarium for cleaning and aqua-scaping. They don't realize they are caught until I take the container out, and they struggle less than in a net.
—Guest Auntie Annsie

Looking for a net issue

When I purchase new fish at pet stores the staff frequently use their fingers from the outside of the net to gingerly pinch the fish into carry out water. I can't think that this can be very good for their slime coat. Would this be correct? A professional answer would be appreciated.

nets are stressful

Using a net for any reason is stressful for the little fishies. Unfortunately, we must use them. To minimize the stress I have found that the two net method, while sneaky, is less stressful than chasing them around with one net. It also helps to have the correct size net, as in not too small.
—Guest Steve

use two nets

We can use 2 nets. if fish can not catch in one net then it could be caught in another net/second net.... Mazatlan Fishing
—Guest David Brooke

Share your story

When you catch fish do you use one net or two, and why?

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Shirlie Sharpe
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