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Readers Respond: Should Fish Be Genetically Engineered?

Responses: 56


From the article: Glow In The Dark Fish
Created via genetic manipulation using material from jellyfish, it's easy to understand why the Glofish fish sparks plenty of conversation. What do you think - should fish be genetically engineered?

They are Cool

I think they are cool. In no way have they been harmed they were genetically altered when they were eggs and it doesn't harm the jelly fish who have the gene naturally I would buy them
—Guest guest g

Glo Fish

They are so beautiful, let people enjoy their beauty.
—Guest Sandra

Of 2 minds on this

Although genetic manipulation makes me kind of nervous, there are points in it's favor, especially with glofish; 1) The genetic modification was initially done to detect pollution. 2) Unlike dyed or tattooed fish, they can actually pass the trait on to offspring, so no further manipulation is required other than starting with a wide enough genetic base to maintain a healthy population. They can even be bred with normal danios to strengthen bloodlines. That said, I would be opposed to genetic manipulation purely for the sake of the pet trade. Too much "wiggle" room for mistakes by the unscrupulous.
—Guest Cholly


Glofish are amazing. I want one. I would love someone to make me glow in the dark!
—Guest Ha


MY bf who had 2 healthy parrot fish, liked one that was tattooed, even the LFS owner admitted it is a common practice, I have seen fish with hearts tattooed on them for Valentine day! Feb.2012. Now! Don't be ignorant, do your research. 1 thing I do know is my NFL got another color altered parrot fish. They all developed LG. Blk. Spots, on lips, fins, then spotted entire fish. The tattooed fish went crazy &tried to eat the other two normal orange parrot fish while killing the other tattooed fish. All fish had to be on medication. None survived. Sad. All for progress genetically...beyond that, it is ANIMAL CRUELTY AT IT'S FINEST!

What is all the fuss about?

These fish are very interesting and scientifically quite cool.Genetic modifications for improvement is a great thing.If you don't like it don't buy it ,but another government regulation we do not need.
—Guest George

No Need To Ban Them

These fish are not being harmed in anyway, they are genetically modified as eggs. They aren't in pain, they live their lives like any other Danio. I think it would be cool to have more genetically altered pets on the market, so long as they aren't being harmed in the process. Anyone who thinks modifying them is wrong is just ignorant, there is nothing wrong with Glofish (unlike painted or dyed fish, which actually harm the fish). Also, they pose no threat to the environment, so really, I don't see what the big fuss is about.
—Guest H00le0

Science at it's best

I really hope that the people who think Glofish are painted will do a little research. The idea behind it is genius, the process completely harmless, the results fantastic. My kids have three and they are active, beautiful, and healthy. Someday, with the help of scientists and these fish, maybe our fish in the wild will be too!
—Guest M


Fish in a store are potential pets therefore its just as if you would beat a dog and should be considered animal cruelty!
—Guest jessica


This is a horrible thing to do to an animal, this should of never been used. Think how you would feel!
—Guest Liv


Where is PETA when this barbaric practice is being done? Not enough attention to be gleaned from standing up for little fish?
—Guest Cheryl Haass

No, they are cool

Even though they were genetically changed, it DOES NOT HARM the fish. Unlike heart shaped blood parrot cichlids or dyed fish. You really should be worried about fish that actually have been harmed, like those. Not glofish. I agree with RedRaven2k.
—Guest futurevet

No Way

Why should we ban Glofish, they are not painted, they're born with the colors. They are perfectly safe just like any other Danio, anyone who wants to ban them is a retard. If you don't like advancement in technology then go back in time and live somewhere with no technology what so ever.
—Guest Evil sniper 06


And the responses to this is a wonderful example of people reacting before they know what is going on. Understand what something is before you yell and scream about it. These fish are not dyed or tattooed, they are not in pain, and they were never injected! It is a genetic modification done to the egg many generations ago that allows them to bioluminece under certain light conditions. The gene was added to an egg and is now bred into the fish. This gene is for a naturally occuring protein that came from jelly fish. The fish being sold have the gene passed on from their parents now, it is not injected into the eggs at this point. The fish don't suffer from having the extra gene at all, no more than the jellyfish that have the gene naturally suffer from it. They are simply pretty danios with an extra protein and in you tank will live a normal, happy life like any other danio. Ease off people, find something else to scream about, and maybe do a little research before you condem things.
—Guest Ana

They are not painted.

Glo fish are genetically engineered, meaning they are in fact, born with these colors, or the grow into them. They are not painted. Painting fish is wrong, but these fish are not painted, so in my opinion there is nothing wrong with them.
—Guest Rachel

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