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Readers Respond: Have you kept a Weather Loach?

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From the article: Weather Loach
Have you kept a Weather Loach? If so, share your experiences about care, habitat, feeding and breeding of Weather Loaches. Your knowledge could help other owners! Share Your Experiences

8yrs old weather loach has never got big

I have a weather loach called Laurence who has lived happily in my 10 gallon tank with Dory the blue fantail for 8yrs. He is a golden loach about 5 inches long and has never really grown since I got him. I'm surprised to learn they are supposed to grow big. He is healthy and busy, but unfortunately pining for Dory who passed away with dropsy this week. I'm thinking of rehoming the cat fish which seems to have grown too big and caused stress in the tank and am not sure what best to get to keep Laurence company. I'm also worried he is getting old according to what I've read, but he shows no signs of it. What indicates he's on his last legs? Has anyone got a much older loach?
—Guest Alison

weather loaches

I have 7 in a 75 gl community tank. 6 are the typical speckled brown colour but one ihas a golden body with at brown head. they have never bothered any of my other fish. They seems to enjoy each others company as they constantly "pig pile" on each other. Because this tank is heavily planted and has many hiding places I don't often see them until feeding time. My one big rescue loach 10" long (got to big for previous owner)is the most shy of the group. I can go weeks without seeing him. I have never had any of them uproot live plants.
—Guest skyedale

weather/pond loach

Most books that you read give the lifespan of Weather / Pond loach as 7-8yrs,this is poppycock!!.I've kept them for 40 odd yrs & rarely lost one under 14yrs.Although these fish are hyper tolorable to water conditions, they need to be handled with the same care as any other fish.
—Guest mick

weather loach

kept them for for 48 yrs..indeed they can become uncannily friendly & aware of you when you approach the tank.Over the years ive kept & bred lots of coldwater ,fish but i find these the most satisfying.
—Guest mick

mix of fish for 4 years

Have a 25 gal Marineland Eclipse tank (filter and bio wheel in hood) with 3 facncy gold fish, 5 white clouds, 2 gold dojo, and 1 bristle nose pleco. All have grown to good size for this tank and have remained healthy. Use both flake and sinking food and always have "live" anackaris plants to eat. Thin 1/2"of med gravel on bottom and artifical plants of different types. Change half of water every week and stirr up gravel as I siphon water to get as much waste as possible. All fish have been healthy for the 4 years. This mix of coldwater fish has been very pleasing and interesting to watch thru the years.
—Guest big Al


i have a gold weather loach in my 6 gallon tank who we happily call bert he is 8 inches long and lives with his friend stephanie the goldfish sadly now his friend is infected with dropsy and is not eating much latley does anyone know if bert could catch dropsy?
—Guest snoo




Ok i just got a weather loach i researched them but im concerned he is eating and breathing but hes not really moving alot is he ok?
—Guest Zach

He won't eat.

My Golden Dojo loach wont eat. He has had the chance to eat. I've fed my platys and other fish, but he just wont eat with them or without them. I have this one cave decoration he hides in all the time and we had 2 Loaches and i cant find them. So im worried about them not growing or eating enough like they are supposed to. We just got them they are both 2 inches long. Is that how they are at that size. My loaches also live in a 75-gallon tank. We have dim lighting for it whenever he needs it. But it's there secind day in the tank. Do i have to wait ive been feeding them i dont know what to do any help? They are young do they need to adjust correct me if im wrong.
—Guest olivia jones

which fish are okay with a weather loach

my weather loach is called Zingy. they can live with fish like fan tails and fast fish.BUT NOT slow ones like a panda moor's.my moor called panda was killed because Zingy bitt him a few times and ended up killing him:'(!so i would highly recommend to NOT get slow fish when you have a weather loach.
—Guest William naish


i have one giant one and 3 little ones the giant and one little one is blond. the two others are brown. they are the best. i have a youtube channel (same as name) and they make me money :)
—Guest joeysfishtank

I thought he was an Eeelll!

My weather loache is the cutest thing I used to think he was very old and very special until I read that they can live ten years! I'm going to try and see if I put my finger in the tank if he'll come up and kiss it. When I was little I thought he was an Eeelll so I named him Eeellly he's very energenic and I love him very much. I used to have other fish that lived with him but there long gone now, I don't know if I want more fish. I love Eeellly very much!!!
—Guest Loache lover

Gold dojo

Okay I have a gold dojo in my 20 galoon is that okay if not?
—Guest Hrivas13

Critter my loach

Yes I have a weather loach and they are the best of all the fishes I've ever had they last for years and enjoy being petted and when I tap on the top of the tank they come and kiss my finger. One day critter my loach jumped out of the tank and when I was. CLeaning I saw this weird thing looking at me I thought I was my kid plastic bait for fishing cause he always leaving them around so I thought it was a fake worm so I went to pick it up and it was critter all full of dust and dirty I said omg critter I quickly picked it up with a panick and placed her in the tank I watched her for a hour to see if she was ok and sure enough she was amazing who knows how long she was under that chair but I'm so happy she's ok. They are amazing to survive out of water for a while. I now make sure it the tank is escape proof. She's already about 7 inches long and ive had her for 4 years now none of my other fish lasted that long they are definitely worth having planning on getting the male soon
—Guest Butterflyliz


So I went down to the local pet shop and saw these cute weather loaches.So I put him in the tank and then I found out about weather loaches.Then I realized that he is going to get larger than I thought.He is about 1 year old now. When I first got him , he would dig up the gravel. I thought he was digging for snails to eat. Anyway he certainly eats up snails quickly. He eats anything I give him, from algae wafers to flake food.He is a very happy fish.He is currently living with 1 black neon tetra and 2 opaline gouramis.

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