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Readers Respond: Have you kept a Weather Loach?

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Have you ever seen them yawn? Almost all of the weather loaches I have kept over the years yawn in a spectacular way - the mouths extend right out, then after the yawn, they curl they mouth back under itself. It's sooo funny. And the farting thing is when they gulp air and extract the oxygen through their gut - I believe it is our they can survive in very low oxygen environments - i.e. stagnant pools and the like.
—Guest Dave

Mojo Dojo :)

I've had my weather loach for about six months now. He loves his tank mate, the plecostomus, and our surviving Goldfish. Mojo Dojo is a fabulous fish, always playing tag with Sucker Punch, the plecostomus. He loves blood worms and new friends, always running into things and going crazy during thunderstorms. This week, we added two more gold fish, and they beat him quite horribly. He's looking rather pale and seems to be dying.. :( He has a large white spot on his back, and won't eat. Every now and again, he flips upside down at the top of the tank, only to swim around furiously when I pet his stomach. I would really hate to lose him because he is by far my favorite fish. :(
—Guest Sarah Kay

Weather Loach Are Cool

I'd agree with just about everything here . I've always had a weather loach in my tanks just because of their ease to care for an personalities.
—Guest Mark

Lumpy and straighty

I have got two weather loaches called Lumpy and Straighty. Straighty often sits on top of my filter. Both of my loaches are a sort of olivey brown and speckled with dark spots. Lumpy often hides in a wood cave that she really likes. I keep them in a 80 litre tank with two goldfish. They don't seem to bother the goldfish at all. I would say they are very nice fish to keep.
—Guest ira

Breeding weather loaches

I'm breeding them, at current one of my females is heavy with eggs so fingers crossed I may have babies..!!!
—Guest neil


I found Herbert the weather loach during a walk in Collingwood, Ontario. I noticed a bag filled with water just outside my parents townhouse with an eel looking thing in it. I took it home and put it into my tank with tetras and guppy's and frogs. I suspect he ate all of the Guppy's babys and limbs on the frogs began to disappear. In the Two years since I found him he has grown two inches I have him in a 20 g tank with lots of plants and hiding spaces. I was thinking of putting a giant Conch shell inside but am worried that if I do I will rarely see him. Only once have I had to rescue him from the floor. I came home from work and he was lying right beside the tank. I thought he was dead at first I picked him up and put him back into the tank. I have two cats and he was not eaten I was surprised. Though the cats are always running around the tank and the loach follows them and splashs about. I feed him livebearer food and he seems to enjoy it. I have not tried chicken or peas
—Guest AndrewG1982


We just bought a Weatherloach along with a Blackmoor, 2 Comet Goldfish and a Plecturous, who all share a tank. This fish has turned out to be the biggest clown ever! He has a very strong personality and is fun to watch, but seems to have a habit of tormenting the other fish, particularly around feeding time. He either sticks his head up their ass, or attacks their gills with brute force! Can anyone shed light onto why he might be doing this? We think that he killed the smaller of the 2 Comet Goldfish, as overnight he had bruising on his left gill which later turned black! This fish has such a comic edge to it we don't really want to separate him as he was put in the tank at the same time as the others, but he is only three inches long!
—Guest Catch it if you can...

I have 3 like to get a few more

I have 3 weather loaches ..2 in my 29G here by the computer and 1 in the 40G tank.29G has mostly tetras (neon,cards,rummynose)and 4 flying fox algae eaters that act like a school of tetras,and a lone albino cory.This tank is SO entertaining to watch.The 40G also has tetra and some corys but ONLY one loach...wonder if I should get one or 2 so they can play.I have had them take reptile sticks out of my hand...flying foxes do it too...which is so cool.GREAT fish...Maybe set up a 10G for just a couple loaches..Any thoughts???


I have a 75gal. dedicated to loaches and botias w/ the exception of 2 angelfish % 4 barbs. The kuhlis swim in circles in the bubble curtian and my gold dojos drape themselves over the wand. But get this..I have a HUGE olive drab colored dojo and while I was watching him, he started acting like a cat coughing up a hairball. I became concerned and then four large bubbles erupted from his rear. He FARTED!!! I couldn't believe it and had the best laugh of the week. I just love loaches and they're fun to watch.
—Guest tzar66

weather loach

I would just like to share that I had a weather Loach who sadly died just this last weekend, he lived to be @ least 12yrs old, my daughter will be 11 yrs in January & I had definitely had him a couple yrs by then. So good luck to all out there, I will be looking for another one once the tank has settled back down after having had a good clean!

*The* Fish to Keep with Goldfish

These friendly, fun fish are generally the only choice for living permanently in a goldfish tank. It's suggested that you get them while the goldfish are young. As they both grow, they share the same ideal conditions and the loaches will be too big for the goldfish to consider food. At the same time, the loaches don't care one whit about those goldfish fins that look so yummy to many other fish. I have three, two gold and one regular (a bronze color, to be honest). All three nibble and rest in my hand when it's in the tank. And to me, their faces look much more like puppy dog faces. Especially the gold ones. By the way, the regularly colored ones tend to be a bit more active than the gold ones.

Walmart-Loach Death Row. First Loaches

Hello Everyone! I have acquired 2 male golden dojo loaches last week. I saved them from death row at walmart. They were the only healthy ones left in the tank. The rest were very diseased and sickly. Over half of them were dead. I was very very sad being a fish lover. I found the only 2 healthy ones and brought them home with me. They are doing so well now and are so much more active. They love wardleys dry flake food and they even like my reptomin turtle pellets as treats every now and again. They reacted to the barometric pressure changes in weather yesterday and they slammed themselves into the gravel in the tank. It scared me so badly because if one of their barbels are damaged it couold lead to potential problems in the loaches. So tommorrow I am going to Harry's Aquarium and Pets to acquire sand substrate and more aquatic plants. After extensive research I have found loaches to be my favorite fish, as well as glo-fish. If you ahve any suggestions for me, jsut type me back here.:)
—Guest S.L. Sheets

My weather Loach

Well, I hae one weather loach, who's watching me right now. I'm not sure whether or not to get another one, as he seems quite happy. Well, I think he is anyway. He's very graceful, but doesn't move around much, hes quite shy, but fun to watch, Should I get another one?
—Guest lovemyloach

We lost our weather dojo today

Our family is very sad as we lost our dojo, Torpedo, today(2/20/10) He was nearly 6 years old, and our favorite fish. Torpedo had the neatest personality and would bury himself up with only his eyes and barbels showing. Sometimes I could have sworn he was communicating with us, he would even move pieces around to particular places when we rearranged the tank. In hours he would have whatever was moved placed where he thouht it should go. RIP Torpedo. We will miss you!
—Guest Randi Rivers and Freddy Gschwend

Albino Loaches

I've had a pair of albinos for almost a year now, never had any problems with them. They're in a 60 gal. community tank with fancy goldfish, comet goldfish, and white cloud mtn. minnows. Tank substrate is medium gravel, there's a few large lava rocks they can hide among. The plants are plastic, not real, because of the goldfish. Loaches often drape themselves over the plants, it's startling to visitors who think they may be dead! Loaches are more nocturnal than the fish, I enjoy watching them play in the evenings. The albino coloring means they're almost transparent in bright light, but when on the move they're just white streaks. It's also entertaining to have their "help" when cleaning the tank. I'd recommend them to anyone!
—Guest kj

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