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Readers Respond: Have you kept a Marbled Hatchetfish?

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From the article: Marbled Hatchetfish
Have you kept a Marbled Hatchetfish? If so, share your experiences about care, habitat, feeding and breeding of Marbled Hatchetfish. Your knowledge could help other owners! Share Your Experiences

Fright Flight via Flying Flight (Pt 2)

Several schooling fishes have a chemical in their skin called a fright substance. When the skin of one of their number is broken, the chemical is released into the water, and the others of that species can smell it, making them very nervous and, perhaps, watchful for predators. I decided to see if they had this kind of substance. Sacrificing one and pulling the skin off, I ground it up, with a mortar and pestle. After just two drops of the liquid, the fish became very excited, and my usual rapping resulted in three times the normal jumps/flights. Unfortunately, my study didn't go into videos of their aerial exploits, so I couldn't comment on the argument over whether the flapping of the fins moved them through the air, or if the air was moving the fins. The deep belly structure is very obviously for pectoral fin muscle attachment, and there is an obvious 'fluttering' sound, as they fly/sail through the air, but that's for others to decide.
—Guest Bill Cline

Fright Flight via Flying Flight (Pt 1)

A few decades back, I registered for a graduate college class, in which I was to determine the most successful way to make hatchetfish fly. Since I owned a tropical fish store at the time, it wouldn't be too difficult. I started by crowding them in a small tank. I forget if it was a 5-Gal, or a 3-Gal Betta tank, with a dozen marbled hatchets in it. As with most fish, being crowded in a small tank, gives them the feeling that there is no place to flee. Using some earlier behavior studies as examples, I set the tank up for fake predators to attack it. I had model birds slide across a string to the aquarium, with no jumping fish. I then had model fish predators slide across to the aquarium from below - also with no results. My best results came from one of the fish store owner's biggest woes ..... people rapping on the aquariums with their knuckles. When I rapped on the tank, I occasionally got two or three fish to jump/fly. That wasn't too impressive.
—Guest Bill Cline

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Have you kept a Marbled Hatchetfish?

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