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Readers Respond: Have you kept a Kissing Gourami?

Responses: 53


My Kisser is 13.yo now

He once even blew up like a golf ball and I thought he was a goner and left him for the night in a salted water icecream container as a last resort. He shrunk back down and still has a little excess skin under his tummy where it was stretched
—Guest Leeter

old fish

My pretty pink Kissy is 11 years old. She is not a terror, maybe because she has been with her same old friends, loachey and clown. They all have survied their other friends. I hope after reading the 21 and 22 year mark, my 3 fish will reach this. When someone has older fish, people dont realize they hear your entire life, see everything and if you listen you can understand their stress.

My Kissers

I started with 4 kissers and now only have two. They are very aggressive towards the smaller ones of there kind. The two left use to get along almost like courting but now for some reason one has become aggressive with the other. Any Ideas. Also I never see them eat I put blood worms in there and flakes as well. Is this correct?
—Guest Fonda

Kissing fish

Now I understand, I had 2 and one chased the other to suicide years ago, the one that was left I was so mad at was kinda just waiting for him to die in a year or two, well it’s been 10, now I think I will miss him
—Guest jd

Oldest fish ever

Our fish, named Baby, is 21 years old and has showed no sign of slowing down. He is bossy and ornery and cant live with any other fish because he chases them and won't let them eat. He begs for food and when we aren't paying attention, he knocks loudly on the glass of his tank and looks ticked off. There was a terrible blizzard a couple of years ago and our electricity went out for days and poor Baby started to suffer from not having oxygen in his tank. We took him in an emergency run out to my parents' house in our jeep ito another city where the electricity was still on and poor Baby looked nearly dead. We called a vet and asked advice and nursed him back to health over the next couple of weeks. At one point, we thought he had passed away, but then one day, he started getting better and came back stronger than ever. We think he will outlive us.
—Guest Mary

Kissing Gourami with other fish

My Kissing Gourami doesn't get along with other fish that are bigger or the same size as he is. He is in a 10 gallon aquarium with smaller fish and he gets along with them fine but during the summer I loaned him to a friend with bigger fish and he terrorized the whole tank. She had 3 glass cat fish, a chinese algae eater and a pleco in a 26 gallon aquarium. They were all bigger than him and he chased them constantly. He came back to my 10 gallon tank looking stressed out. I have neon tetras, platys and zebras and he didn't chase them at all. He was calm and happy. Originally he was in my 30 gallon tank with another smaller male kissing gourami and he chased it constantly as well.
—Guest Melinda

Kissing Gourami

I have a Kissing Gourami who is 16 yrs old. He loves when you pet him.
—Guest mick

Find cleaning the glass a tedious chore?

Then keep gourami's. I have three in a super large tank. They are hard working algae eaters and my tank looks super. They do not eat my plants, just the algae on them. I keep them with rainbows and an angel fish. Easy to keep and peaceful neighbours. Mine don't seem to kiss at all but they are about 6 inches in size now.
—Guest red


My cousin brother has a kissing gourami kept in a backyard well which is about 30 ft deep and 20 feet in diameter. He says he has kept the fish for 21 years (since 1990) and this is the 22nd year running.
—Guest Rajiv

My Big Kisser!

I have a kissing Gourami which I have had over 10 years he is about 20 cm.
—Guest Violet

How do you know

I recently purchased 2 gourami and questioned the store personnel as to the sex of the fish (wanting a male and female). He said he did not know how to tell them apart. Can anyone assist me with this?
—Guest rose

New Kissers

I have two new "kissers" in a 20 gallon tank along with two tiger barbs. The tank temp is averages about 75. My "kissers" spend most of their time on the bottom. Could the temp be too cool or are they shy because it's a new home?
—Guest Mary

A part of the family

Hey Guys, I purchased my Kissers back in 1994 and in 1999 I moved away and my parents adopted them. One died about 3 years ago but the other is still going strong at 17 years old. Never dreamed they could live this long.
—Guest Shawn

My 12 year old gourami is a super fish!

I have 2 kissing gouramis, one is about 12 years, the other only about 6. Recently I moved and my friend was transferring them to their tank when all of a sudden the older one leapt out of the net and landed with a thud on the floor. My buddy picked him up but he jumped again, landing on the floor a second time. I thought this has got to be the end of my gourami but to my surprise my super fish shook it off like nothing had happened and he's still alive and well.
—Guest Nadia K


I too had a kissing girl who out lived all my other fish and lived to be 22! Very hard to see the tank without her kissing me back from there. An amazing fish and part of my family she will be missed!
—Guest Todstock

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