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Readers Respond: How Do You Fill Your Canister Filter

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From the article: Aquarium Filter Media Order
A wealth of aquarium filter media is available. Naturally it poses the question, what order should the media be put into the filter? Share what works for you. Filter Media Order

biological media on bottom?

Of the three different brands of canister filters that I've purchased they all have a sponge in the bottom and the next trays up (middle trays) 1, or 2 trays have biological media. It seems like, if you purchase canisters from a couple of different manufacturers, where the media is placed in that order then that's supose to be the correct order. fiber fiber, or filter pad on top with carbon (optional); next, biological media, finally sponge (mechanical media) in bottom tray. I know people try a variety of things with placement of different media in trays, but why is it that the media in a new canister is almost always sold in the order mentioned above
—Guest Becky

Hob filter media

I currently use an Aqua-clear Hob filter, which leaves a lot more room for media than other Hob filters. First I use a course sponge which I use for removing particles and other debris,(of course it still has some biological use also), then a layer or filter wool and lastly some biohome which does a wonderful job with biological filtration. I have owned my aquarium for a year now and this setup has been working great so far. One common misconception that I must quickly address concerning filter media: YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO REPLACE BIOLOGICAL MEDIA. Mechanical media doesn't really have to be replaced unless it has entirely fallen apart. I have not replaced any of my media; expect the filter wool since it is so fine and my aquarium is very stable. *Almost forgot I don't use chemical filtration as I believe the cons far outweigh the pros. I hope you found this useful!
—Guest GreenIvy13

Filter Media Order

First - Mechanical Second - Biological & Third - Chemical (chemical goes last before the water return to the tank).
—Guest Efrain


i just bought a eheim 350,tank is very cloudy,the fish are at the top and not moving. cleaned every thing twice,still same effect
—Guest robert

Filter Media Order

I currently own a freshwater planted 15 gallon. It is stocked with a female Betta, 7 neon tetras,and 3 Julii Corydoras. I have a hang on back filter
—Guest foreverluv1678

Filter Media Order

Hello, I'm currently using a canister type filter and have a freshwater with live plants & fish tank set-up. I'm currently using a course sponge type media for removing particles & solids waste, 2) Next is a layer of active carbon to remove metals and smells, 3) This media is used for removing ammonia, last I personally prefer to use this final media for biological media after the water is fairly clean & treated before this final stage my biological media clogs less and stays healthy longer it seems to me. I'm hoping some of this information helps.
—Guest towboater48

Filter Media Order

How Do You Fill Your Canister Filter

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