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Readers Respond: Have you kept a Gold Barb?

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From the article: Gold Barb
Have you kept a Gold Barb? If so, share your experiences about care, habitat, feeding and breeding of Gold Barb. Your knowledge could help other owners. Share Your Experiences

Best fish

This species is the best I have ever kept. I bought mine from a local pet shop as babies. I put them in my planted community tank of tiger barbs and swordtails, which they did well with from the start. They do not have the digestion problems every tiger barb I have kept had. They will eat anything and love boiled cucumber slices. They are currently 4 years old with no loss of life. They have never even been sick. It should be noted that they are okay with larger shrimp, i.e. bamboo.
—Guest Dan F

Gold Barb

Gold barbs will get bullied if put in a tank with other barb and danio species. My gold barbs are very shy and say hidden amongst plants for the most part. They are however good beginner fish and will add lots of color to a community aquarium.
—Guest Jared

gold barb

I have five of these little beauties. Really peaceful fish, blending in well with my other fish, which include: Penguin tetra, Rasbora, Clown Loach, and Congo tetra, amongst others. I can highly recommend these lovely fish.
—Guest johnboy25743

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Have you kept a Gold Barb?

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