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Readers Respond: Blood Parrots - Great Pet or Abomination?

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From the article: Caring for a Blood Parrot
Few fish topics are more heated than the debate over the man made fish known as the Blood Parrot. Love them or hate them, everyone has an opinion. What's yours? Should man create fish?

love parrots

I have 16 blood parrots right now. I have started keeping them like 10 years back. I would say these are one of the most beautiful fish of freshwater. Since they belong to chiclids family, they are semi aggressive, they fight but with no or nominal physical harm, they are territorial so they need space, never keep them in small tank. A thumb rule, 30 gallon tank for one n in addition 10 gallon each. None of my bp have any problem, they need your care, they recognize atleast the one who feed them and after an year or so whole family, when they saw any stranger near tank they hide, i use to feed them by hand, they love it, i havn't lost any one of them since last 10 years, you guys know they love everything what you feed them, but once in a week, give them shelled peas, that will keep them healthy. Keep your tank full of hiding places, they are shy, they hide bcoz they didnt feel secure, they need time to adjust. Never change your tank setup or most important never remove hiding spot.
—Guest ashish

what destroyed them was jelly bean fish

Regardless of how they got here I cried after my first parrot (before the whole cruel dying to make jelly bean fish) fish died 7 years after I fell in love with him at the pet store. His name was Woah because when I went up to the tank he always came up to me and opened his mouth real wide like he was saying woah. I've since then centered my tank and love around parrot fish. I bought one with only one eye (named him one eye Willy) he died shortly after woah. Today my tank is only cichlids its a 75 gallon octogon I have a huge black cichlid that seems to be the boss of the tank and 4 other little cichlids that try to have attitude but I came here to find out why the little parrot won't grow he just follows the big guy around???
—Guest brandy


what is the deference male and female parrot fish?how can we know male and female parrot fish?


Man has changed, altered, rearranged and invented new species of all domestic breeds of animals especially dags, cats, cattle, horses, birds, goldfish and now blood parrots. If you own a odd dog (pug, buldog, basset......) whats the difference? The best dog I ever had was my basset, and nature sure did not entend a dog to look like that! Hurting fish to make them more appealing is a different thing alltogether. That is unacceptable in my book.

Shy as hell but worth it

I have two blood parrots in a 46 gallon bow-front. I started with one and noticed little to no movement outside his hiding spot. So i grabbed another one 2 days later. I currently have had them for 4 days and can say that they are shy as hell but if you constantly stay infront of the tank and feed them blood worm (frozen not any freeze dried junk) they will come around and slowly turn into little underwater puppy dogs. Dman's comments of SHOULDN'T HAPPEN is very wrong and he obviously didn't train or care for the fish properly. He would know that the reason they struggle to eat is because they have little to no control over their jaw and so they will often head butt or attack other fish in frustration.... Thats why you hand feed them. Any way great fish, Not for beginners though they have a finicky personality and are hard to get to feed. Should go to someone with relatively high Aquarium sense.In conclusion, great fish highly recommended, very shy but worth your time. Good luck
—Guest Jake

Love Em

Everybody has to love them with their big cheeks. :) they may be man made, but what isn't? Pretty Mich everything in your life is man madras so what's the deal? They're beautiful fish and deserve to have a hone in anyone's tank. :)
—Guest Chloe

Parrot have BIG personailty.

I have 2 BPs and they are my most responsive fish. I have had quite a few cichlids and they are BY FAR the most friednly and responsive to humans. Mine always try to get my attention. Yes, I understand the issue people have, but these sweet and special creature deserve life.
—Guest KaosChrist

amazing fish that are misunderstood

What I believe people fail to realize is that when people say that these fish are "mad made," there aren't literally scientists out there playing god and creating fish. Its a crossbreed. It could easily happen in nature and has happened. How do you think we get genetic variety?
—Guest Fishguy

Blood Parret

my wife's favorite fish , and resiliently had a heater problem when it killed all my Africans except the parrot fish 2 of them as far as tank mates they have have held there own against many tough Africans and the parrots run the tank. but do not seem to harm other fish just push them around some. they do not have any problem eating all foods even large pellets.
—Guest Ron

RE: hybrids

Perhaps all the people who are aghast at man-made hybrids should be aware that natural occurring hybrids are quite common, especially in herps when ranges overlap. Also, if lost in the desert, would you turn down a mule on principle. I've never kept a B.P, but the non dyed ones strike me as lovely--rick
—Guest Rick McCloy

blood partots

I've had two for about 5 months (not informed about cross breed) and they laied eggs then got very aggressive towards each other and finger pointers pointing at them made them attack but now one has become the dominantand one the submissive. They have been eating cichlid pellets but seem disinterested in them now. I'm wondering if I should change up the food? And another thing I've noticed and dislike very much is that they hide a lot. So I've taken most of my decor out.
—Guest David Dundas

Blood parrots

The blood Parrot is a great Fish to have for a pet i've had the same blood. For 10 years and I have found that the best fish to be tank mates are Silver dollar fish beta fish get along real well with them also I found that blood parrots are easy to take care of and fun pet to have
—Guest Keith

2 BP's together

I am wondering if I have only two BP's together if they will fight. Or would just one be fine? Thanks!

Blood Parrots

Man shouldn't create fish i true but on the other side {the Blood Parrot's side} The fish that are already created need a home & t l c. They just want a chance to have a nice tank to call home & owners who care about them. Ppl should not play god or think that they can. For those of us that care fish can give a lil t l c to the ones already created. owners who care about them. a a home tlc
—Guest Melyssa

i love blood parrots

I have had several blood parrots. they are fun to watch and have a lot of energy. I love to watch them eat live shrimp since they cant close their mouth its quite entertaining. what most people don't know is that the bladder in their gills could have problems one of the ways to tell is by weird swimming patterns one example is swimming sideways or even upside down the way to prevent this is feeding them canned baby peas. another thing u should know is that they could get stress spots. stress spots are black spots that develop when the fish gets stressed it could be that it is getting bullied, still getting used the tank , or rarely for no reason. I loved my blood parrots! but the mistake I made was to watch the ph and acidity because I went on vacation for a week and when I came back they were dead. I was VERY upset but I tested the water and the ph was way too low and the acidity was way too high so watch it very closely! I am going to get 4 more very soon. hope this helped
—Guest katie b

Should man create fish?

Blood Parrots - Great Pet or Abomination?

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