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Readers Respond: Blood Parrots - Great Pet or Abomination?

Responses: 55


What are their 'deformities'?

So what if their a cross-breed. All they are, are mutts! Why pick on a fish? I never heard anything bad about these long living fish, besides that they can tend to be aggressive. Well, news to everyone so are people, dogs, cats, and any other kind of animal you rescue/purchase. Their not dyed, clamped or hurt in any way! They are however extremely intelligent and wonderful fish. My Parrot, BANJOOOO, does water aerobics when I play with her and she just layed unfertilized eggs and now I'm thinking about getting her a boyfriend for the next time she lays her eggs so I can have me a bunch of little BANJJOOOOs swimming around! AKAKAKAKAKAKKK
—Guest Bridgette

Love my parrot fish

I have two and was thinking about getting more and breeding them but I will not get more Because they are infertile. I will get other type of fish and breed them.
—Guest Brandon

Blood Parrots Rock!

I adopted 4 Blood Parrots from 2 different people on Craigslist. I have 5 tanks (ranging from 10gal to 60gal) and my BPs are my favorite fish. I have a man made dog, a Boxer. I dont see people complaining about dogs being bred for certain physical characteristics and many breeds have numerous problems! Boxers get overheated quickly/easily (due to short noses), and have other problems related to their large chest cavity. Yes, BPs have difficulty eating certain types of commercial foods, but a responsible owner takes the time and effort to insure they are well fed. I hand feed all my fish/frogs. My BPs eat red wigglers like spaghetti noodles, they LOVE squished peas, pieces of canteloupe, oranges and zucchini. They rule their tank (live with a redtail shark, 2 Angelfish and a common pleco), they watch tv and my cats, know their names and like to be petted when Im cleaning their tank. I am glad I adopted them and look forward to many long years enjoying their daily antics & sweetness

Great fish

The biggest problem with these fish that I've seen is bad reporting about them. The Flowerhorn is another hybrid but no one wants them taken from the market. Many Mollies are also hybrids along with others species sold daily. I've had 8 of them and think they're awesome. They eat anything I give them but like most cichlids should be given pellets. They're friendly, entertaining and very cool and get along with every community fish I've had them with. If people want to boycott certain hybrids, then all should be boycotted, including the Flowerhorns.

Should man create fish

Blood parrots have already been created although by man they still have 2 be cared for not wiped out. Man puts his hands in 2 many pies but when we do something acting as god we can't wipe out as if god. These fish need our care, I personally had 4 before I knew their full story. All are doing well, no health problems, feed well, had them for 6 yrs. As with any pet its our job 2 take care and nurture. How many dogs have become hybrids, does not make it right but so long as these creatures fall into right hands......
—Guest polly

man's best friend?

that's what we humans have also did to cooper, boo boo and princess. hint:dogs
—Guest andrea s.

Blood parrots Perfect or Abomination

I am a newbie fish enthusiast although I had a facination for fishes for a long time. When visiting aquarium I always used to wonder what that fish was. I always had a feeling that blood parrots looked unusual and seemed to have a balance problem. Out of curiosity I googled that fish and not that much surprised to learn that it really had deformities and that it was man made fish. Though in some respect it looks like a perfect fish (the arched back for one) sometimes
—Guest kumar

Aquatics (Manager)

When creating a different species of fish you are fighting nature which there can only be one winner in the end
—Guest nicholas

Dog Fish

Despite being a hybrid and man-made, i am a big fan of Blood Parrots. for about 7 years now i have owned BPs and they are some of the most interesting and best fish. Each fish owned has had a very specific personality and and plain fun to watch. Some have said that BPs are overly aggressive, and this can be very true. When purchasing i attempt to choose the more docile fish and match them with other semi-aggressives. My current 90 gal tank has three BPs (two are more than 6 inches long now, but bought when only small babies); 3 large silve dollars; one botia; 5 tiger barbs (one was born in the tank, but i promise NOT man-mad); a cray fish (molted twice); and a bristle-nose pleco. They all get along well and keep each other in check. The BPs are definitely kings of the tank, but no one seems to mind. Now that they are almost full grown their funs are flowing and beautiful. I am NOT a fan of dyed fish of any kind - DON'T BUY them. Buy natural and watch them develop to color
—Guest jason

Water-Quality Problems and Parasites

Aquariums are a un-natural envirnment anyway so why not have un-natural fish Taboot ( I had a Parrot fish in the centre that would let me tickle is belly (perhaps i have fish fingers ha ha happy new year
—Guest Nicholas (Aquatics Manager)

Blood Parrot Fish

I have never had one in my aquarium yet. I am thinking of getting them. I my self have Rainbow Fish. The Blood Parrot looks very pretty. It is to bad that it is not natural. MICHELE

Should man create fish?

I don't understand the attitude that some take on this issue. Basically all the food you eat, plants and domestic animals, are hybrids - man-made. And so are all your pets - especially Bowzer and Puss-puss. There are problems with various breeds of dogs and some breeders due unwarranted things to them such as docking tails and ears which I don't agree with. So what is all the hoopla over the parrots? No, they should not be dyed or tattooed but most I see are just the result of hybridization.
—Guest bcblue

Blood Parrot Fish

Parrots are such good looking fish. I have thought often of getting them. I didn't know that they could go with Rainbow Fis, which I have. I also have som small dolphen Fish ( Morie Eye?} My aquarium is full now. I plan on getting them in the future. MICHELE

Nobody is blaming the poor fish.

The universal "positive" response is that these fish are lovely in your aquarium. Agreed. Why doesn't anyone who gave someone money to buy this fish see it as a problem that they are enabling a corrupt industry to practice cruelty to animals, far from your direct line of sight, and then justify it because when they get to you, the poor little creatures who were cruelly treated by your fellow men, are so nice. Of course they are nice. Nice victims. And you're playing along with the transgressors, by creating the market for these deformed sterile short-lived fish.
—Guest Warren

I also love my Parrot fish!

I started up a 100 gallon aquarium after not having one since high school and my granddaughter picked the parrots, but they called them Jelly-Bean fish. After a while they started to turn into their natural orange color and I read up on them and realized what I bought. I had another fish that grew bigger and got very aggressive and I woke up one morning to find my parrots along with half of my tank dead. The nasty fish went to a pet store and I bought two more parrot fish, but this time I stayed away from the dyeing. They seem very happy and I think of them as the clowns of the aquarium. They see me coming and head for the spot in the tank where they are fed. I have heard so many different stories on their temperment. I keep them in a semi-aggressive tank with angels, rainbows, a Black Knife, loaches and Spotted Leaf Fish ( which also was called a Climbing Perch). I have plenty of plants and hidey holes for everyone and they all picked a spot and get along fine.

Shirlie Sharpe
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