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Readers Respond: Have you kept a Upside Down Catfish?

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Have you kept a Upside Down Catfish? If so, share your experiences about care, habitat, feeding and breeding of Upside Down Catfish. Your knowledge could help other owners! Share Your Experiences

I watched my guppy vanish

A very odd thing happened while I was watching my fish. I have a 64 litre tank with 2 lyre tail mollies, 2 guppies and 6 neon tetras. I noticed that one of my guppies had disappeared during a 2 hour slot where I wasn't around. Absolutely no trace in tank, plants, hiding places or filter. This bothered me so I watched them for a couple of hours. Lo and behold I saw the other guppy suddenly make a dart behind the filter and did not appear again. After 2 minutes I got the filter out, took it apart and nothing was there. I looked everywhere in the tank and again, nothing. It is completely inexplicable to me that my fish can vanish before my eyes without an escape route. My tank even has a lid with no gaps large enough to fit through. Completely bizarre. There is no way my fish could have been eaten in the space of 2 minutes bones n all. Really weird. Any suggestions?
—Guest CrunchyKipper


I had just bought these 2 today. in a 10g. i know theyre school fish but i just wanted to see how they would do together. well 45 hours later and i noticed if the betta cruises around the UDC, the UDC will chase the betta. Most times its harmless chasing but other times it looks to make contact. its not everytime they come in contact, but quite common. so BEWARE! the UDC is on constant watch and his ass will be MIA if he ruins my betta tail.
—Guest Aquariumzrkewl

wow suprizingly wow

I've bought my upside down catfish last month. Twisty (the upside down catfish was named Twisty because when it cam out of the bag it started swimming in a spining like motion) was almost the same size as a guppy. I was worried that it might get eaten so I bought it for $4 at petco (I believe it was on sale) and by the time it got home, it swam under the rocks. It live along 5 red eyed tetras, 2 neon glow tetras (of different colors), 1 albino cory, 1 large emrald green cory, another cory (but I forgot what they are called), a killifish is what the pet store called it, and a black and a white hi skirt tetra, and the king of the tank, my orange discus. It grew larger in the next day. Then after about a week, its the same size as the emrald cory. Today its about the size of my index finger. They all live in a 40 gallon tank and it hasn't ate any of its friends so personally, I think these tiny catfishes try to adapt to there tank size so watch out!
—Guest Justin the fishy loverz

Upside Downs are great.

I bought an upsidedown catfish eight years ago. I have moved inter state and he has moved with me. He spent some time with a friend when he was unhappy being with my blue claw cray. Then returned and I still have him. I love him. Doesn't bother anyone but does not get pushed around either.
—Guest Wally 77

upside down cat fish..

My cat fish is 8-9 in. long he is black, gold and spotted, I have had him for 3 years and he is in with some parrot fish he lets all the fish know who is boss. I have some plates an they keep my tank clean like no other fish i have had I have the best fish in the world and most of the comments about this cat seem not true.my fish are the best.

Upsidedown cat

I have had this cat for 6 yrs or longer. It is the most unusual addition to my cichlid tank.
—Guest Shelia

17-18y Synodontis

Synodontis nigriventris lived 17-18 years in my tank. Someone wondered how the death ones float....sideways on surface. Great shy fishes, closer to 15cm lenght.

Upside down catfish CraZy!!!!

I just got another aquarium a 30gal aquarium I put 7 common upside down catfish in it, 2 upside down feather fin catfish (synodontis eupterus,) and 2 hybrid upside down zebra catfish. I had 4 lace catfish in it, but the are really aggressive toward their cousins so I removed them, they are currently in my 16gal in till my pet store gets more upside down catfish. I will be trading them off for 4 common upside down catfish so that will take my total of common upside down catfish to 11. Upside down catfish CraZy!!!!
—Guest mike thomas

upside down catfish

I have 2 upside down catfish for 3 years with cichlids and rainbowsharks. They used to be active , now they are hiding all the time , they even do not come up to eat food. I do not know why... one of them's scale is scratched a lot when it tried to hide ... anybody know why?
—Guest sheba


mine just killed its self rammed the tank wall 3 times and died no clue what went wrong. he been in the tank over 2 years no problem then this
—Guest thomas

Upside down catfish CraZy!!!!

I meant to say 2Lace Catfish/”false upside down catfish,” do swim upside down periodically &, brief, all the time, and that my 2 Cory catfish “attempt to copy their upside down relatives,” I mean, the Corys might swim belly to the glass from top to bottom, or spring off of rocks, and the driftwood you name it, all of the above mentioned and, the not mentioned, they WereNot doing any of it in till I introduced, 12 Synodontis Catfish Species to my 1 betta and two Cory catfish arsenal. My drift wood is like giant roots stretch out from wall to wall, and falls inches from the surfice of the water, so they are caught up. They feel protected amongst the “man made” roots setup so the do the stuff that would be done only at night, all the time.
—Guest mike thomas

Upside down catfish CraZy!!!!

Excatly, my lice catfish/”false upside down catfish” go up side down periodictly all day, at night they are involved. Even my cories attemt to copy their upside down cousions, I’m forced to believe what I see, enofe influnace will alter conduct.
—Guest Upside down catfish CraZy!!!!

Upside down catfish CraZy!!!!

I have 6 of the common black and brown spotted 2-3 inch max (black stomach) upside down catfish, 4 Blotched Upside Down Catfish 4-6inch m, 2 lace 4-6inch m, 2 Cory catfish, 1 small algae eater, and a betta in a 20gal. Almost every one stories about their upside down catfish consist of how they almost never see them, well not me do to they are amongst their own kind, plus I have the major the key to success(Driftwood), my fish are out and about day and night. They are always joking for position amongst each other, taking and rendering hide outs, zipping and zooming all over the place upside down right side up, sideways, etc . The betta ( Petter Pan) acts like he owns the place. Setup correctly and your fish act naturally and show off every thing that their species has to offer openly. Try out schooling your upside down catfish (with Driftwood ) and in joy what most don’t. Upside down catfish CraZy!!!!
—Guest mike thomas

FAT goldfish BABY catfish

Well i been watching my goldfish and my catfish although the goldfish is bigger than the small catfish i got the catfish at pet smart hes only like a little dark. And the bigger goldfish trys to eat the catfish and something is weird here though my bigger goldfish does flips? XD
—Guest victoria

upside down catfish disaster

I just bought these udc fr two days and they are nibbling on my betta tails. Now the beautiful perfect tail is full of holes. I feel like killing those udc
—Guest asyraf

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Have you kept a Upside Down Catfish?

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