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Keep dying

Why oh why do my betta's keep dying. All my other fish are healthy, nothing wrong in my tank so why do they die on me within a month. Have very sadly given up trying to keep them now. Cant think of any reason, does anyone else no?
—Guest star

i have a female crowntail betta

And I dont know what all of the stuff that they are afraid of so can u tell me what they are all afraid of
—Guest kelsey

About bubblenests

My male betta is very busy with the eggs, but it keeps on sinking and the other eggs floating everywhere round the jar. I think he's not good enough in making bubbles. He has'nt even formed a bubblenest... How can I help him? Will the sunken eggs hatch? Do they nest to be keep in their bubblenest in order to hatch?
—Guest curious


Enki is a dark blue veil tail betta. I've had him for two and a half years now. Love him out of all my fish! He's a very calm betta. He started out in a one gallon tank. I started doing research about bettas and felt bad for keeping him in such a small tank. He's now in a planted community tank with two Celebes rainbowfish, 4 bloodfins tetras, 2 albino Cory catfish, 1 emerald Cory catfish, 1 harlequin rasbora, and a redtail shark. I do not recommend the shark to anyone I just got lucky that Enki and Chum, my redtail shark get along. Because of Enki I got three other bettas all in their own tanks 5 gallons and bigger. There is Avenger, Blue Gills, and Enigma. Bettas can live with other fish as long as they aren't very colorful, fin nippers and/or aggressive. But you must have a good size tank no one gallon! I feel bad reading this comments about them being in a one gallon or a vase. Yes they can live in that but it's not very healthy and happy place to live in.
—Guest AquaGirl

Best that I can do...

I love my pale pink delta betta fish, named feather. keep him in a 1 gallon bowl. I tried to persuade my parents to allow a ten gallon, but they said no(and what is said GOES). So I give him all the love I can with 100% water changes weekly, and teach him tricks, and give him yummy bloodworms on the weekends. Maybe for my birthday, a ten gallon would be on the wish list.
—Guest Emily


I had a beautiful aqua blue and fushia betta that I called Blue. He was the BEST betta I ever had. He had such personality and would always come to the front of the tank when I walked by or came home from work. I kept him in a 2 and a half gallon tank without a heater. I kept an air hose in the tank that he use to love to swim into and get pushed to the top of the tank. I kept the light on 24/7. I had him for 3 yrs and 9 mos and then I went into the hospital for a week. My husband fed him but when I got back home he looked lethargic and died two days later. R.I.P. Blue!
—Guest Donna

Peanut Butter - My Betta

Peanut Butter loves his planted 10 gallon tank, and never tried to jump out like my friends betas did, probably because his tank is nice and big. I wanted a bottom feeder, and I heard that corry fish, as long as they are armored and have places to hide are good, but I got snails instead. The sails just had babies ... And then the babies, not the big ones, started eating my plants. Peanut Butter helps lower the numbers by eating a lot of the snails. :) I want to breed him and give the babies away as gifts in those huge 5 gallon wine jars... with directions on how to take care of betas. :) I just need to get some wine jars... Maybe I'll recruit some friends to help me drink some wine. :) I have a filter but have to keep water level high other wise it ruins his fins.
—Guest DradenLovelorne


I just got a new fish sky and he's so beautiful. He is a metallic blue halfmoon betta with a black head. He's the nicest fish I've ever had and he loves his tank. He swims around all day , I feed him by hand and he just loves his five gallon tank. He has to plants to race through and I'm trying to find a hiding spot for him but all of them are to big. I was hoping to divide his tank to put a white and red male plakat betta but I dont want to make him sad by making his swim area smaller. So anyways when I first got him he was in a bottle and a metallic gray so I bought hhim because I thought he was so cool. So I brought him home and put him in his tank then I took a nap. But when I woke up he was a beautiful blue and so energetic and I new he was going to be a awesome fish.
—Guest George

4 years

I have kept my betta fish for 4 years and he has also been dumped out of the bowl twice and we probably didn't find for a hour the first so he was out of the water for that long
—Guest Awesomeness


So yeah hmmm I bought a blue, white, pink gay Betta boy lol and he's just wonderful, I have him in a pretty big tank, and even though people say a small tank is fine, it's not you should get your fish even if it's one a HUGE tank because I mean would u like to live in a room as big as his tank? Lmao I'm also considering buying some neon fish 4 him 2 play with! Hope he doesn't kill them (he's such a drama queen! I'm afraid I'm gonna wake up on morning and see them all with out skin!! :S) Love ur fish, love nature!
—Guest Betta luv


I have a male crowntail betta named Matt and a “female betta” [thats what the cup said] named Holiday. Matt is purple with red fins and Holiday is just red.They both have their own snail! Holiday luvs Endeavor[her snail], but Matt kept nipping Asa[his snail] so i put Asa in a cup with spinach weighed by marble. Matt and Holiday's relationship is a little iffy.They lived together in a 1-gal tank with a divider. My brother removed the divider once and they just swam past eachother. I tried this too (to see if they could live togeter), and they fought eachother, so i put it back. Later i got Matt his own tank with snails cuz sharring a little tank seemed unfair! They now live in separate bowls with snails [Asa taking some time-off]. But tonight Matt started making a bubble nest.Should i put Holiday inside?Even if they bred i wouldnt have a home for the children, i might just sell 'em @ school. I personally just want to see them have kids, can someone tell me what to do!?!?!?!!
—Guest Lauren

My Bettas

I have 4 Bettas. My 1st betta is Kaida (blue veiltail). He is very good in fighting. The 2nd is Yoshe (black crowntail w/ red fins) He is always flaring at the other fish but doesn't want to fight. Hina (female crowntail Betta) is very shy and a bit more violent than Yoshe(male). The most violent of them was Lightning (pink male veiltail) He is always flaring at his own reflection, one time when an Oscar went near him (in a different aquarium) and then the Oscar kept looking at him but lightning just flared at it like it was just a small fish.

Betta fish care

Hi, now I know some of you guys get scared when you see your Betta fish look lousy when you change its water. Well fear not, this happens because your fish is in a new environment. You can let it be familiar with putting the water that your fish previously used so it still knows the surroundings. Also if you want to introduce new things to the tank put it outside the tank and near it. Then after a few days you can put it in the tank. I hope this helps you.
—Guest Gaurrav

My Bettas

When I was in fifth grade, I had a blue Betta named Katerina. She lived in a glass vase about 1 gallon. She seemed pretty happy. Now, I'm in 10th grade, and I just got my second Betta, whose name is Blaze. He's very anti-social, lol. He lives in a one gallon tank, but I'm getting him a ten gallon tank next week after finding out that Bettas are not happy in small tanks. I never knew that! But I'm so glad that I found out. (: Blaze likes to swim around, and he eats pellets; he really likes them. I read online that Bettas are known for being social toward their owners, but I've come to find that mine swims away from me. Maybe he's still getting used to his new environment because I've had him for less than 24 hours.
—Guest Jackie


I received my Betta for Christmas. He is the best, I named him jaws because I just found out Bettas eat live insects and shrimp. Why are people arguing about its tank and water? Will it make a difference if he is alone in a 300 liter tank and how do you know he is bored?
—Guest Liam

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