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Readers Respond: Have you kept a Betta?

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My beta Steve

Hi guys my fish's name is Steve & he is red and blue & has a 5.5 litre tank (just under 1 gallon u.s.). He has a heater but it only raises the temperature by 2 degrees Celsius.please help. I am an amatur and have only had him for about 6 months.
—Guest Zee zee

honey badger

I just got a male purple and blue Jetta fish with red on its tail. His name is honey badger. I put a little Lsu helmet in his bowl. He loves it! He swims around his bowl all the time. I herd if you put a mirror in front of him , he will think in is another Betta fish. I tried it. The first time his fins flared and he swam away. The 2nd time he just freezes. Is this normal? Or does he need more time to get used to his new living place.
—Guest honey badger

Rocky Didn't Last Long

I bought a beta for my son 4 months ago. I had him in a medium size fish bowl and he would just lay around on the plant I put in there. I upgraded him into a 3 gallon tank with lots of color, a filtration system and a light. He seemed to love it and swam around all the time. Every time I walked by, he would swim to the top and wait to be fed. I was told to feed him 4 pellets every day, but when I switched tanks, his appetite increased. When I woke up this morning and went to feed Rocky, and he was face down in the rocks at the bottom of his tank. Poor guy, I hope I didn't over-feed and kill him. I actually teared up for Rocky.

I love Bettas

I have 10 beautiful Bettas, 5 veil tails, 1 dragon scale plakat, 1 king, 1 double tail and 2 crown tail. I love each one, they all have very different fish personalities. My oldest is 2.5 yrs all are kept in 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon tanks. All are healthy no issues I think it's important to do consistent water changes, don't over feed, but variety is great in their diet and they love it. I alternate feedings of Omega betta pellets, frozen blood worms and brine shrimp. I have many happy Bettas also make sure each has silk plants to sleep on in their tanks as most of them do enjoying resting on the leaves. If you don't already have a betta get one they're easy to care for and fun to watch!!
—Guest Alyssa

For Max...

A 3 year old betta is truly ancient by betta standards - they rarely live more than a couple of years (and they are usually 6-9 months old already when you buy them - they are bred while young). I fear that your betta is simply suffering the effects of old age. I don't know if he is in pain, but a betta that rarely moves - particularly if they lie on the bottom of the tank - is not a well betta. If you don't already have a heater in the tank, you might want to get one to make him as comfortable as possible - my bettas seem to be most active with temps in the 76-80F range.
—Guest Pete


I have a question. My Betta is about 3+ yrs old. He's in a 3 gallon tank but for the last 6 mths. he rarely moves and a few times I thought he was dead. He's not eating much and I'm wondering if he's in pain. Is that possible?
—Guest Pat

keep dying

betta are use to low oxygen levels and dont like water movement(as a rule) water pumps ans high oxygen levels are not good for the fish. The best environment is a bowl/tank with only planting.
—Guest paul lewis

buddy has a heater problem

I just got a veiltail betta and when I put him in his 1 gal he seemed kinda listless so I got a heater but its barely raising the temp?? Can someone give me a good heater recommendation?
—Guest moni

Getting a Betta - any advice?

I'm going to the aquarium today and I'm not curtain what to do! I've read a lot on the internet, but I'm still not sure! Any advise?
—Guest Unsure

My betta just bought him

I named him Diana cuz hes cool lol...:) He's in a small bowl but big enough for him for now cuz I'm too broke to get him a big one. But soon he'll have his paradise tank:) My little fishy Diana lovin my finny friend:)
—Guest my male betta

My Males Bubble Nest

I'm breeding my betta fish in a 40 gallon tank and my male did make a bubble nest. But when I was getting the female out she wouldn't come out so my dad said just dump her out and let her swim out so I did and the nest went every where. Will he make another one or will he not. Please help
—Guest Guest Fish

my buddy

I really wanted a pet friend. So I went with the somewhat low maintenance betta. He is the perfect pet for me and my busy schedule. I have "Sushi" (my awesome blue crown tail betta) in a 5.5 gallon tank with a lid! With a couple of silk plants and a resting leaf, I stuck an inch below the water surface. I do complete water changes once a week. I use cold tap water and add water conditioner. He loves to eat! But, feed him moderately so I don't over feed him. He gets two to three freeze dried worms and two pellets in the morning. At night I give him 2-3 flakes and a tiny pinch of freeze dried shrimp. Sushi is always excited to see me. He is playful, active, smart, and very very curious. He's a happy camper.
—Guest ilovemybetta


So I put my male and female together to see what would happen. He nipped her a couple times but when I left the room to go to the bathroom, guess what I saw? I saw my male and female side-by-side waiting for me. They both share a half of a one gallon tank (there's a border between them). Is this normal?
—Guest Billy bob is the bob


So I put my male and female together and they didn't do anything but just sit next to each other. Is this normal?
—Guest Mrbettalover

Too small of a tank

Unfortunately, people think that a betta is able to enjoy life in a tiny box, but my bettas are each in their own 10 gallon tank. They swim around like crazy, people think they don't swim much but certain bettas love to swim and it is a shame to have them live their life in a little cup hanging from the inside of a tank. They are too beautiful and smart to be treated like that.
—Guest cjm

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