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Readers Respond: Have you kept a Betta?

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with other small fish

I've kept various male bettas over the past 8-9 yrs now, but just last year I noticed that the males are great with small neon and cardinal tetras. I bought a male 2 yrs ago and he's been in my 20 gallon with various other fish his size, some larger, this whole time. He always rested on one side of the tank during his down time, but when I brought home 6 neon tetras he quickly started building bubble nests and relocated to rest where they would gather. It was the coolest thing! I knew he wouldn't 'hurt' the tiny tetras, but had no idea he was going to attempt to foster them! By nature, male bettas take care of the babies so he must have thought these were kids he didn't know he had. Only thing I would say is to have tall plants, fake or not, so that he can rest near surface for air. The long flowing fins can wear them out in a large tank and so can fast, always moving tetras.
—Guest stefanie


Indigo my betta lives in a 1 gallon tank alone, and he seems to be very happy. HE LOVES HIS BLOOD WORMS! i change his tank every 3 days. I have not been using any material other than a filter. You can provide oxygen for the tank by your selves. Just take your ffinger or a stic and just twirl it around in the water until bubbles come . I do it every 3 hours or so. For excersice I put a mirror in front of indigo and he thinks its another betta and starts flaring his fins and like that he gets his 15 mins of excersice.
—Guest jessy

Betta's and their funny little ways

I have kept bettas 4 years, I have 1 fancy tail mail called Bob who is so nosey he cant help putting his face right up to mine. Ho also has to go into every nook and cranny to ensure he's not missing out on anything in his community tank. He has five female betta's along with lots of other species, all of the ladies have different personalities and are great fun to watch...Missie Pink cant help getting in the way when the filter is being cleaned and loves to curl around my little finger and be "stroked" ! Lady Blue is the largest betta, bigger than Bob and she takes no prisoners when shes in a foul mood however she is incredible at displaying and dancing around "her" tank. By the way female betta's dont "blow bubbles at the surface...thats an adolesent male practising a bubble nest. Males and females often have to establish the "pecking order" in the tank especially if the females were established first. Often I short sharp tussle sorts things out and calm is resored. Hope it helps x
—Guest Rae

Tricks w/ Mr. Bubbles

Mr. Bubbles is a blue/purplish, 2yrs old, very very playfull, seems to know when I come into in the kitchen but no one else. He loves swimming around the bowl while I follow him w/ small mirror. I took a piece of thread, knotted one end, & he'll follow it around the bowl in a circle or wherever I touch the surface of the water. Even on the outside of bowl he has jumped up to try to get it. He has a very hearty appetite. I wonder if I should put him in a bigger bowl and fish to play with? Am I nuts or what????
—Guest papabear

I have 10 Bettas

I now have 10 bettas (9 male and 1 female). It is difficult to keep up changing the water every couple days but absolutely love them! They each have their own personality. They are all in the small betta habitats from the pet store except 1 which has been in a very large vase with a plant resting on top (not sure what kind) and have had him for 5 years now and he is still more active that the others. The female is sleeping alot and not as active so i am very grateful for this site educating me on caring for my bettas. They really are a great pet and are pretty low maintenance (unless you have 10) and really show love towards their owner. Oh and next to the male with the plant and the female, we have a hamster and they are very interested in her. One of the males jumped out of his habitat and fell 5 feet to the floor, didnt eat for a couple days but is completely back to normal...yay!
—Guest BettaLover10

My funny Betta

I have a cute little female Betta. She is blue, red, and purple. She is very active and loves her little 1.5 gallon bowl. Just today she stuck her tongue out at me! She rests on her plant sometimes. I think she's very happy! Do you think I could buy another female Betta to put in with her? (So she has a friend). Or will they just fight?
—Guest Ellie

Sailor Jerry

I have had my Betta for a year now. When I originally purchased him I kept him in a 1.5 gallon tank. He was miserable, he always sat at the bottom and refused to have any contact with anyone. I upgraded him to a 3 gallon tank and he instantly became a new fish. The space really was good for him, he has gotten larger, more active and is a brighter blue. Although he is the most stubborn animal on the planet, I couldn't imagine life without him!
—Guest My little man

Beautiful Fish

I have had 2 Bettas. They were very easy to care for but I was fascinated with their colors and flowing fins. Strongly recommend them.
—Guest Yes

Betta owner to be

Just thought I'd add to the page (because I'm assuming there's a lot of people looking at this page, who is in the same position as me!) and I'm getting excited :D my tanks set up & looking great - just waiting to buy my first Betta.
—Guest mel

Removing Female From Male Tank

Hi, when I removed the female from the tank the male was in, I found her still dropping eggs after 2 hours of removal. Is this normal?? Should I have left her in the tank until they completely stooped mating? They went at it for short periods but kept on and on, in between the male was catching the eggs and storing them. After about 20-30 I separated them, was this correct?
—Guest First time breeder

My little Baby

I have owned a few Bettas in my life, and started keeping them as a pet as they are quite cheap, and low-maintenance. I just got another Betta today, and his name is Henry. He has adapted to his new lifestyle well, and I am yet to teach him some tricks. I haven't tried this with any of my other Bettas, but apparently they can do really cute things. My fishes are my little babies, and are allays my top priority!!!
—Guest Samie

The Leviathan Started Everyting

Well crazy as this sounds I lost my cat and got a Betta so I had a new "baby" to care for. Well out of pure mischievous delight I named him "Leviathan" to "one up" my dad who had named his Betta "The Kraken". Well as the title says, he started everything. I now own six Betta, three males and three females and have successfully managed to create a community tank with three female betta and a male betta together in the same tank. Its ten gallons with lots of hiding spaces. Along with Leviathan I now have: Akhilleus, Electra, Cleone, Aegina, and last but not least Krinaia. My males (save Levi) are both Plakats. and my females are veiltails. So the lesson in this? Betta are addictive...
—Guest Lonsophle


I have a beautiful blue Betta fish with red streaks in her fins and 2 red streaks on her face. She's a happy little fellow who always swims around lots and blows big bubble nests. She's my first pet I've had and I've been taking great care of her since October. I've had her for 6 months. I love Betta fish! They're fun little guys and I like watching Bubblez swim around. Best of luck to all Betta owners!
—Guest Betta- lover

What to do??

I have a very active long tail even after he got better from disease. The problem is he is very angry all the time even at me haha. I bought him a cute half moon female which. The problem is my Miji (male) treats her like she is a male.. I'm very worried to put them together. I wish to breed my Betta because I feel that he has strong genetics. What can I do please..
—Guest are_min


I just brought my new Betta and I have noticed that he has a curl on his top fin. Someone suggested that he could have a fungus disease? He was like that when I brought him so surely the pet shop would have warned me. Apart from that he is perfectly healthy.
—Guest swans

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