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Readers Respond: Would you keep a Betta in a vase?

Responses: 174


Keeping a Betta in a Peace Lily Vase, or any flower vase, has sparked more debate than almost any other aquarium topic. The pivotal question is the well being of fish. Some say it's a great home for a Betta, others think it's a death trap Is it humane?

Its all I have room for

I just got a betta and have him in a 1 gallon tank with a under gravel filter and bubble tower. Hes doing just fine and is diligintally exploring , he bright and seems generally healthy. I actually knew someone who had a betta that lived in one of those little plastic betta 1/2 gallon tanks, and it lived for about 5-6 years. So on this part about the dibate, I do think that they can live in smaller sized tanks as long as you spend time with them and clean the tank regularly.
—Guest Maple


My Betta Carter recently died and he was four. I keep my new Betta Jake in a 10 gallon planted tank.
—Guest Jake

Mines happy and well

I have two happy healthy betta fish. Both of them are male. They are kept in seperate bowls of course. I got my one fish awhile ago and every day I see him swimming around. He knows when his feeding time is and swims to the top to get his food. He is an amazing fish. My other one is in an even smaller bowl and he is really active. He is doing amazing. I think that I might end up getting heaters but for now they are great!
—Guest Bettalover20

Don't just survive, Thrive

Sure, Bettas can survive in a small container, however, they are more likely to thrive in a filtered, heated and well maintained aquarium. Enjoy your fish!

betta in 1 gallon bowl

I keep my betta in a 1 gallon bowl and he has never looked healthier. He was pale and very lightly colored when I bought him.. now he looks fantastic. Had him over a year and do once a week complete water changes. He comes to the top of his bowl every day when i get home from work and whatever he eats at that time is all he gets. I drop in 1 pellet at a time. when he stops eating the pellets stop. he is healthy and doing fine.
—Guest kramer

Did you notice?

Did any of you notice that everyone who has their betta in a vase says "their betta is fine". first of all, how in the world do they know!? Second of all, they said the betta is "fine", that's not how I would want my betta to be, I'd want him to be great. Just saying.
—Guest Maryann - BettaMaster.com

kind of

I keep my betta fish bubbles in a 1 gallon bowl with a pink anemone and shine green pebbles I have a male blue crowntail I feed him pellets and he is okay
—Guest Harman pet fishlover

betta in a vase

I had a crowntail which lived in a large vase with a rooted plant for four years. (I did feed him betta food.) Dexter has gone to live with the garden angel now, but Finley has taken his place and is beautiful and thriving after about a year, as is my husband's betta, also in a vase.
—Guest slim

Half of a gallon works

I keep my female betta in a half gallon tank and she does fine. I have some real plants in there plus a fake hollow log. She is brightly colored and seems to be just fine. I don't want to spend to much money on a tank and other things. She is healthy and I think she would be healthy enough to mate with my brothers fish this summer.(but ill get a bigger tank for the fry.) My fish seems fine in her half gallon tank and has lived for a while. So there is nothing wrong with her sized tank. Even the people at the pet store told me it was fine!
—Guest M M

Beginner Betta

Right now i have a Crowntail Betta (male, Dark Blue), and he loves his 1 gallon tank. He love to sleep in his little moonrock that i bought at the store. So far he has no signs of sickness or depression. I've had him since the Middle of March. I hope to go bigger a tank for him, yet i live in apartments and cant get that big of a tank or stand for my little buddy.
—Guest NeptuneBetta

ha ha ha seriously?

Lol which one of you has had the fish tell them they are happy or otherwise? It's a fish...seriously stressing about the well being of a beta fish...I'm pretty sure it's happier sitting in a tiny plastic cup in a store than it would be in a tuna or sardine can so take it easy
—Guest fishwhisperer

I did but won't do it again...

I started out with a Betta in a peace lily vase. My sweet fish lived for about a year. I was diligent about partial water changes, removal of waste and uneaten food, and would provide sport for him with a mirror. He seemed fine, but alas, he was a yellow fish, and they do not live as long as blue... that do not live as long as red. Since then, I have read many books and talked to breeders about the care of these beautiful creatures. The more I learned, the more I wanted. At one point I had 13 tanks going, all with breeding pairs, and one fry tank. It was a full-time job keeping up with the small tanks and watching for the fry, so as they grew up and were given away or died, I stopped replacing them. After 16 years, I am down to one 35 gallon tank and the most beautiful 4 year old teal and lavender male. He is in a community tank with platies, angels, neons, plecos, and mollies. Unless you are breeding them, I do not suggest small tanks without filtering, heat, or companionship!
—Guest Wendibar

There are many factors....

It all depends on the size. If by vase, you mean a half-gallon hellhole, I absolutely wouldn't. But if the vase could hold 5+ gallons, then I consider it. If filtration and heating were feasible, then it could be an option. Otherwise, no way.
—Guest Jingle


I have 2 male Betta's that I have kept in a "Split-down-the-Middle" 1 gallon tank. I do a 100% water change once a month and feed them every other day. The base of the bowl has blue rocks and each tank has 1 small decoration. They are over 3 years old and still healthy and active. They are only about 3 inches long, but that is appropriate to the size of their environment. I think that after doing more research that my fish would benefit from having a heater, but I do not think that a filter is necessary, nor a large aquarium.
—Guest Tom

How Do They Survive?!

It is rare, but Betta fish can get as big as 6" (aka Giant Siamese Fighter) So I don't know how they live a day in a vase. For start, no good food. When you have a Betta in this type of setup, people rarely feed them. They may be seen picking at the plants on the top of the vase. Because of the picking, the actual Lily will become weak, and soon dead. The dead leaves and flower will fall into the water, reducing swimming space. One way to die. Another issue is air. Once all the "good" air is breathed out of the surface of the water, the fish will have a hard time living. They will suffocate. Another issue is hygiene. Because of the Lily, water changes are hard. The water will fill up with all the bad chemicals. The only good way to perform a water change on any vase or bowl is moving the fish and completely changing the water. But the fish will end up stuck in unsafe water that is filled up with hard metals and bacteria. Off the top of your head, you can clearly see that this is wrong.
—Guest fishaholic

Is it humane?

Would you keep a Betta in a vase?

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