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Readers Respond: Some fish seem to live forever, how old is your oldest fish.

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From the article: Lifespans of Aquarium Fish
Fish have vastly different lifespans. Bettas live little more than a couple of years, while Goldfish live for decades. How old is your oldest aquarium fish? How Old Are Your Fish?

elderly danio!

I have a glowlight danio who turns 7 this year. The sites I have looked on say typically 1-3 years in captivity, so think he's doing well! It's friend died 18 months ago, so also did well, and both outlived their zebra danio pals.
—Guest A taylor

5+ year old platys

My eight female Blue platys born in my 30G tank are over 5 years old and still going strong. I recently added an (unrelated) male and now another generation is being born.
—Guest Caro

Astronotus ocellatus

I have an Albino Tiger Oscar (a "golden Oscar" sounds better for me) that is now 7 years old and 35 cm long. It's my oldest, dear fish.

Lifespan of fish

I've had most of my tetras and Zebra Danios for over 10 years. Was worried when I started to lose them until I realised their ages
—Guest Rosie Posie

Clown Loach

I have 5 Clown Loaches between 6 and 9 inches. They are 21-24 years old.I bought the last one in 1992.
—Guest Dave Hornick

How old?

I have 2 Silver Dollars that are going on 17 years old this year...
—Guest Amy

7" Upside down cat

I have had my cat for eight years now, also a iridescent shark shark for 7 years.
—Guest Jeffdelong


I had a zebra danio live well past 12yrs old. She has super long fancy fins and was super hunch back and almost deformed looking by the time she passed. Her tank mate, an algae eater , lived 10yrs. And I had a beta live for 13yrs. Right now I have a 3yr old spotted green puffer. And he's in with a 3 or 4 yr old gourami, and a 8inch pleco, a 6inch pleco and a 3 inch pleco ( I'm trying to find the bigger ones homes, they were rescued from being tossed in the trash) and a school of red tetras and white clouds. They are all super happy too. Friendly fishies :)
—Guest Mary's daughter

black tetra

Ive had a black tetra thats been alive for about 7 years. ..hes gone from a fishbowl to a 5 gallon tank to a 30 gallon tank and is still goin strong ...
—Guest jenn

How old are your fish

I have a comet goldfish named opie that us 18 years old. He started in a 2gal gold fish bowl and is now in a 150 gal. He's 17" and about 5lbs. Other than having a cataract on one eye he's going strong! He loves to be petted and have his belly rubbed!
—Guest Joe Z

How old are your fish?

Bentley is a 20" Black Shark that I have had for 33 years now.
—Guest Guest GK

6 years old

We have 2 black line rasboras that are the originals from a school of 7. These 2 are now 6 years old.
—Guest goodangels

Angelfish and peppered Cory's - 10 years

Have 3 angelfish and a female Cory that are 10 yrs. one of the angelfish is blind. I say about 90 %. He swims slowly and feels his way along...and seems to rely heavily on his female mate who seems to look after him ( silly...maybe). He comes to the surface and sucks for food and I drop it right in his mouth.. And my Old Cory... We call her grandma.. Just laid eggs again the other day.. First time in 2 years.
—Guest Bonnie

catfish Oscar

My catfish is 39 years old but now he is unfortunately sick and he will probably die very soon.
—Guest viking

Low density = long life

My golden wonder killifish is going into his fourth year sharing a 30 gallon tank with a 3 spot gourami. The gourami was given to me as an adult and is at least 5 now. They share the tank with 3 cory catfish and act like an old married couple. Occasional bickering but never far from each other. My betta is in his own 10 gallon tank. He is 3 but definitely slowing down. He mostly rests near the surface supported by an artificial grass but swims around at chow time. I'm going to miss him the most when he goes.
—Guest Fishlover

How Old Are Your Fish?

Some fish seem to live forever, how old is your oldest fish.

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