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Readers Respond: Which is best, an Acrylic or Glass Aquarium?

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When purchasing an aquarium one of the first choices an owner is faced with is choosing acrylic or glass. There are pros and cons for both. Which would you choose? Voice your thoughts.


Acrylic, although more expenisve, is worth it in the long rum
—Guest :D good idea

glass or acylic aquarium

glass definitely. acrylic way more expensive and it scratches easil
—Guest hi


Acrylic is stronger if its made right we use thicker acrylic than other companies. We also mill it without stress
—Guest no name

acrylic or glass aquarium

acrylic is best u can get a bigger tank with acrylic one question want to put a 330 or 400 gallon in living room can i cant do it with glass affraid of the weight of the glass plus water really need advice
—Guest favian

Acrylic does the job

I have had acrylic for a few years. The tank is light. It is true that it may scratch but you just have to be a little careful. Where is the best place to get a good acrylic tank (complete) at a good price. One thing that my tank could have been better was to have wider slots in the back to be able to put a Hang on filter. I currently use a canister and an internal
—Guest lefti

Acrylic or glass

The issue's with acrylic tanks is the sand paper type scratches from normal everyday use. I never got this from my glass tank.
—Guest Robo

can you or not

Can you put PUR water from a filter that mounts to your facet in an aquarium.
—Guest Joey Burgess

Acrylic & glass can both be scratched

Acrylic & glass can both be scratched. However acrylic can have scratches polished out in glass they are permanent.
—Guest DPBradley

Glass or Acrylic

I have a 200 gallon oceanic glass over year last year emptied the tank and resealed it. Now I notice a spot where the algae got behind the silicone. I think I want go with Acrylic so I don't have to deal with resealing my aquarium again, what a job! Now I may have to do it all over again! My aquarium is 84.5x24x24. My worry is leveling an acrylic aquarium, I was told if not done correctly they can warp and leak?
—Guest Mark

Acrylic for sure

I dont do anything but Acrylic! I got a bullnose (Suck on that glass) from tenecor a few years back and it is incredible! No scratches, looks amazing and i dont have any ugly seams on the side. Acrylic is a no brainer for me.
—Guest Jesse

Acrylic tanks

I like acrylic tanks for the mere reason that although it may scratch easily, They do not have the silicone filled corners that can be damaged as a result of cleaning with a glass scraper, resulting in a bad leak.
—Guest Jimmy


There are many many aquariums on the market but glass is the best as acrylic scratches far easier when cleaning and a scratched aquarium looks unsightly
—Guest nicholas (aquatics Manager)

acrylic or glass

I definitely prefer glass, i have had both and found acrylic tanks much harder to clean.

Acrylic or Glass

It probably depends on the size of tank you want. Acrylic is lighter than glass, so many people who have custom aquariums built into a room of their home are more likely to have acrylic because they tend to be quite large. I prefer glasss so i dont have to use a velvet glove to clean it. Either can be quite successful as long as you know what you are getting into and the care they require to keep.

acrylic or glass aquarium

I prefer glass easier to clean hard spots without the worry of scratches.

Voice your thoughts.

Which is best, an Acrylic or Glass Aquarium?

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