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Goldfish Foods


Goldfish have a unique digestive tract that requires specialized food to ensure proper digestion and optimum health. Because they sometimes experience digestive problems, it is better to offer several small feedings rather than a single large feeding. However, avoid overfeeding, as that can add to the digestive woes goldfish are prone to.

Aquarian Goldfish Flake Foods

Aquarian Goldfish Flake Food
Aquarium offers a well-balanced all-purpose flake food that appeals to all goldfish. Contains natural color enhancers to bring out the brilliant colors in your goldfish. The can is short and wide, thus offering a wide opening for easy access.
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HBH Goldfish Flake Frenzy

HBH Goldfish Flake 4
This flake food is not only high in protein, but it combines four different flakes to provide a well-balanced food for your goldfish. In addition to the basic goldfish flake, are veggie, color bright and health booster flakes. An excellent staple or supplemental food.
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Hikari Specialty Goldfish Foods

Hikari specializes in goldfish and Koi products. These pellets are high in protein, come in formulas for specific species of goldfish, and won't cloud the water. Available formulas are: Lionhead, Oranda, Baby, Staple, and Wheat-germ formulas.
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Nutrafin Max Goldfish Pellet Mix

Goldfish enjoy pellets; especially these nice sized floating pellets. Low in phosphorus, they will not promote algae growth, yet they re enriched with vitamins and natural color enhancers.
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TetraFin Goldfish Flakes

TetraFin Goldfish Food
TetraFin makes an inexpensive yet high quality flake food for your goldfish. The flakes are easily digestible and enhance growth and color development.
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Wardley Goldfish Pellets

Wardley Goldfish Pellets contain a well-balanced blend of spirulina, shrimp, crab and alfalfa. They are also enhanced with red yeast, which brings out the red, yellow and orange hues of your goldfish.
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Wardley Total Goldfish

Wardley's Total Goldfish is a good quality general-purpose flake that is readily accepted and easily digested by all goldfish. Priced very competitively.
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