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Aquarium Fish Videos


As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to fish, a video is even better. These videos highlight a variety of fish, and give basic information about their care.

How to Care for Gouramis

Shirlie L Sharpe
Gouramis are generally easy to care for fish, that do well in community tanks. Before you bring them home for your aquarium, it's good to learn more about them. This Gourami care video will help you with the basics.

In addition to the video, I'd recommend taking time to read this article about Gourami care and breeding. It covers all the key points you need to know to successfully keep and breed Gouramis. I also recommend studying the needs of each Gourami species that you plan to keep, as they all have their own little quirks. If you need help identifying them, the Gourami gallery has photos of most common species, and the species profiles below cover the specifics about habitat, care, feeding and breeding.

Types of Angelfish

Shirlie L Sharpe
Everyone enjoys the graceful Angelfish with their long flowing fins. Although there is actually only one species of Angelfish commonly sold in the aquarium trade, there are many different color variations available. This video shows some of the different Angelfish types, and explains a bit about their origins and care. The Angelfish photo gallery includes photos and more detail about the color variations seen in this beautiful species of aquarium fish.

Types of Barbs and Dainos

Tiger Barb
Ash Nicholas
Barbs and Danios are active schooling fish that make great addition to most aquariums. However, they can also be fin nippers, so it's wise to learn more about the species you want to keep before you toss them in with other fish. The video about types of Barbs and Danios will help, as well as individual profiles of the fish you are interested in.

Keeping Bettas

Daniella Vereeken
Bettas are one of the most beloved of all aquarium fish. They are also one of the species that is most often taken care of improperly. Myths about their care abound, and it can be hard to sort out the facts.

Bettas need warm clean water, and a well maintained tank. Although it's theoretically possible to achieve that in a very small container, few people are willing to devote the amount of work it would take to constantly clean and maintain a tiny tank. Therefore it's wise to provide your Betta with a heated and filtered tank.

These videos and articles will help give you a better understanding about Betta care.

Types of Loaches

Jeff Schut
Few fish are more lovable than loaches. Generally they are quite easy to care for, but it's always good to be armed with information before adding new fish to your aquarium. This video about types of Loaches will help. For detailed information about specific species of loaches, check these profiles.

Profile of Rainbowfish

Shirlie L Sharpe
Many people think of Kangaroos and other such animals when Australia is mentioned, but I think of Rainbowfish. When it comes to freshwater aquarium fish, you can't beat Rainbows for bright colors and lots of action. They make great dither fish, and are stunning in the proper habitat.

This Rainbfish profile video provides basics about this beautiful family of fish. You may also want to view the Rainbowfish gallery.

Types of Tetras

Blue Emperor Tetra
Juan R. Lascorz
High on the list of peaceful fish that do well in community aquariums is the Tetra family. They are schooling fish that need the company of their own kind, but they get along well with other fish. This video shows some of the types of Tetras available. You can also browse the Tetra gallery, and read profiles of the species you are most interested in. I've included a few below.

Profile of Blood Parrot

Shirlie L Sharpe
Blood Parrots are an artificially created hybrid species that spark discussion whenever they are mentioned. Never the less, they are hugely popular, and sales in the aquarium trade are brisk. This This video explains the basics of this interesting hybrid. of this interesting hybrid. For more information read the Blood Parrot profile, as well as reader comments about them.
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