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Aquarium Fish Lovers Holiday Guide


Holidays bring special joys, but they also bring special challenges How do you keep your fish healthy while you are away on holiday trips? What should you do if there is power outage? And the biggest challenge of all, what to buy fish loving family and friends for holiday gifts These resources will help answer all those questions, and make your holiday a bright one.

Holiday Aquarium and Fish Care

Shirlie L Sharpe
Holidays often mean going over the river and through the woods (quite literally), leaving your fish behind to fend for themselves. Here is what you should do before you leave, to ensure your fish stay healthy and safe while you are away.

Good First Fish

Shirlie L Sharpe
If you receive an aquarium as a gift, the first thing you are likely to do is add fish. Seems like a simple thing, right? Think twice on that. The two biggest errors made when stocking a new aquarium are adding too many fish and choosing the wrong fish. Tip the scales in your favor by knowing which fish to choose as your first fish.

Cold Weather Fish Care

Shirlie L Sharpe
In many parts of the world, the holidays fall during cold weather. If power fails, your fish could be at risk if you are not prepared. Learn what you should have on hand, and steps you should take if the power goes out during winter.

Aquarium Safety

Shirlie L Sharpe
Safety is a factor to consider any time of year, but especially during holidays when the pace gets particularly hectic. Take a few minutes to read these safety tips, and you won't have to worry about unforeseen dangers during your holiday celebrations.

Aquarium Cleaning Supplies

Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Looking for an useful, unique, and inexpensive gift for an aquarium owner? The aquarium cleaning bucket filled with supplies may be just what you are looking for. It is easy to put together, with items that can often be found for a few dollars at your local department store. Many aquarium owners don't have enough cleaning supplies, even experienced owners. Any aquarium owner would love to receive this useful gift.

Giving an Aquarium as a Gift

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Thinking about giving an aquarium to a loved one this holiday season? While it might be the perfect gift, there are some key points to consider before you go to the store. This resource explains what to avoid, and even provides a checklist of what you should buy.

Giving an Aquarium to a Child or Teen

Shirlie L Sharpe
Many of us had our first aquarium experience as children. Unfortunately, first time fish owners aren't always provided with the information they need to be successful. As a result they lose some, or all, of their fish, then give up and do not try again. If you are buying an aquarium for a child or teenager this holiday season, be sure to do your homework so they aren't set up for failure. This reference will help you avoid common mis-steps.

Gifts for Betta Lovers

Tim Mitchell
Only one male Betta can be kept in a tank, yet virtually anyone who owns a Betta would like to keep more of them. A small tank is the ultimate gift for a Betta fan, because it will allow them to keep another colorful male Betta.

Maybe you can't afford a tank, but still want to give a gift geared for Betta owners. Never fear, Betta fans will appreciate anything from this Betta wish list.

Gifts for Dads

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It doesn't matter if it's Christmas, Father's Day, his birthday, or any day you want to make special. Every aquarium fish loving Dad, Grandfather, Uncle, or Brother will relish these gifts.

Gifts for Moms

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If your mother has always wanted an aquarium, now is the perfect time to give her one. Gather the family collectively get her everything she'll need. Then go set the tank up for her.

Be sure to include a gift certificate for the fish, plants, and other items she might want to add. Offer to help pick out the fish and acclimate them, as well as help do maintenance. Better yet, create some home made coupons that she can redeem for monthly maintenance and other tasks. She will think of you every time she gazes at her beautiful tank.

Gifts For Plant Lovers

If your family or friends are aquarium owners who love live plants, this list of gifts for live plant lovers is perfect for you.

You can also share the following information with your plant loving friend. If they are like most avid plant fans, they always welcome plant information.
Converting to Live Plants
Plant Profiles
Real or Artificial?

Gifts Under Five Dollars

Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber
On a tight budget, but need to buy a gift for an aquarium owner? Finding a gift that doesn't kill your bank account can be daunting. Here are some aquarium gifts suggestions that carry a small price tag.

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