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Some things are easier to explain verbally than in writing. These aquarium videos cover what to consider before buying an aquarium, how to set the aquarium up, pros and cons of tank size, whether to use live or fake plants, provide tank cleaning tips, and even touch on how long you might expect your fish to live.

What to Consider Before Buying an Aquarium

Shirlie L Sharpe
Getting started in the aquarium hobby is fun, for too many new aquarium it turns out to be a bad experience and they end you throwing in the towel almost before they get started. There are some basic factors to consider that will help potential new aquarium owners avoid common pitfalls, and stack the deck in their favor. This video covers the basics that new owners should consider before buying anything.

For more detail about aquarium planning, check out these related articles:
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How to Set Up a Freshwater Tank

Shirlie L Sharpe
Once you've planned out your aquarium, it's time to set it up. This video about How to Set Up a Freshwater Tank will help give you an overview, and the articles below will help with some of the tasks involved in aquarium setup.
How To Add Water to an Aquarium
Making a Drip Loop
Heater Placement
Aquarium Filter Media Order
Using Outdoor Gravel and Rock
Acclimating New Aquarium Fish

Pros and Cons of Mini Aquariums

Shirlie L Sharpe
Mini aquariums are extremely popular and come in a large variety of sizes, shapes and designs. You can find everything from themed tanks that sit on a child's nightstand, to specialty minis made for plants, to minis made to enhance the room decor.

Debate gets fairly heated over the wisdom of such tiny tanks. Regardless of whether you agree that they are good or bad, there are differences that any potential mini-tank owner should be aware of. Before making a decision, do some homework. This video and article will help.
Pros and Cons of Mini Aquariums (article)
Pros and Cons of Mini Aquariums (video)

If you decide that you do want a mini-aquarium, these lists will help when selecting equipment.
Aquariums Under 15 Gallons
Mini Aquarium Heaters

Live Plants vs Fake Plants

Glossostigma elatinoides
Don Matakis
Unquestionably, live plants are more natural for fish than artificial decor. However, that doesn't mean that live is always better for every owner. There are a number of factors to consider before choosing to plant an aquarium with real plants. Is the lighting sufficient, will the fish living in the tank eat the plants, is additional CO2 required, or does the owner need to add fertilizer? Before taking the plunge, consider the factors in this article and video about live plants.
Aquarium Plants - Real or Artificial?
Live Plants vs Fake Plants Video

If you've decided live plants are the way to go, you'll find these articles quite helpful.
Aquascape Planning
Converting to Live Plants
Plant Profiles
Planting Techniques - Part 1
Planting Techniques - Part 2
Substrate For Planted Tanks
Substrate Heating

Tips for Cleaning Freshwater Tanks

Shirlie L Sharpe
Keeping your aquarium clean is not only aesthetically appealing, it is critical for the continued good health of your fish. Do you perform water changes regularly, or did you even know that you should? What should you do for normal tank maintenance. This video and related articles will help you know what to do.
Tips for Cleaning Freshwater Tanks Video
Do Water Changes Kill Fish?
How Do I Clean a Dirty Fish Tank?
Is Bleach Safe For Aquarium Use?
Aquarium Cleaning Supplies
Removing White Residue
Getting Rid of Aquarium Oil Slicks
Foam on Aquarium Water
How To Clean a Power Filter
Cleaning Under Your UGF

What is the Lifespan of Fish?

Black Pacu
Shirlie L Sharpe
Unlike some animals who all have similar lifespans, fish can vary considerably in their average lifespan. Some fish have such short lives that they are considered annual fish because they life little more than a year. At the other end of the spectrum are Goldfish, who can live several decades with good care. Keep in mind that you can have a huge impact on how long your fish live. Maintain a clean tank, and provide them with a good quality diet, and your fish will lead longer lives. So how long do popular species of fish live? This video and list cover many of the common fish lifespans.
Lifespans of Aquarium Fish
What is the Lifespan of Fish? Video
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