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Aquariums For Bettas


What should a Betta be kept in? Many agree that a vase with a plant is not ideal, nor is a the tiny cup-sized bowl they are often displayed in at the pet store. Here are small aquarium choices for your Betta. Keep in mind when pricing these aquariums, that many come with built in filtration and/or lights.

Eclipse Explorer Aquarium

Holding two gallons of water with a footprint of just two and a half by one foot, this little tank will fit almost anywhere. Yet in spite of the small size, it is equipped with a built-in filter and light. Add a mini-heater and it easily beats out any bowl or vase you might be considering for your Betta.

Tetra Crescent Aquarium Kit

Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Available in 3 and 5 gallon sizes, this Tetra Crescent kit comes with both a light and filter. The light is an an energy-savings LED that is not only attractive, but remains cooler than other lights that can overheat a small tank. It is also fairly bright, so provide some floating cover to make your Betta feel more comfy.

The filter is a Whisper product, which is known for running quietly, and this one is no exception. However, the filter is a bit over-sized for the volume of the tank. That might work well for some fish, but not so well for a Betta who prefers slower moving water. If the current proves to much, you may want to consider replacing the filter with a smaller one.
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JBJ Picotope 3 Gallon Aquarium Kit

Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Similar to the Tetra Crescent the 3 gallon PicoTope aquarium is seamless tank with an overhead LED light. However, there is one significant difference - the PicoTope is a glass aquarium, while the Tetra product is acrylic. For those who prefer glass to acrylic, this is a great alternative.

Another difference between the Tetra Crescent and the PicoTope is the filtration. The PicoTope has a much gentler flow, which is ideal for keeping a Betta. Be aware that some customers have reported slow customer service from the manufacturer of the PicoTope.
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Kollercraft Aqua View 360 Aquarium Kit

Courtesy of PriceGrabber
The Kollercraft Aqua View 360 Aquarium is a cylindrically shaped tank that is available in a two or three gallon option. The kit comes equipped with an LED light and under-gravel filter, along with an air pump to drive it.

Advantages of this tank are the unique shape that makes for great viewing, as well as the UGF filter that provides gentle filtration - something your calm water loving Betta will appreciate.
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Marineland Eclipse Hex 5

Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Marineland combines the well-established eclipse filtration and lighting system with a five gallon acrylic tank. The view is excellent, and there is plenty of room for a heater and decorations. Keep in mind that eclipse filtration tends to be a big strong, so you may want to position plants or other decor to buffer the flow from the filter outtake. Never the less, I would consider this one of the better options for a Betta.
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Tetra Half Moon Bubbler

Courtesy of PriceGrabber
This interesting aquarium is shaped like a half moon, with a flat back that can hug the wall. It is equipped with an internal filter as well as an air-stone that is driven by an air pump (also included along with the required valve and tubing). Lighting is another interesting features in this tank - it is provided by a color changing LED incorporated into the bubbler. For a Betta it's a good combination at a reasonable price. All that is needed is a heater, and you are good to go.
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Aquarius Glow Fish Globe Bowl

Courtesy of PriceGrabber
This is an inexpensive one gallon plastic globe tank designed for the popular GloFish. However, it is suitable to use for a Betta. It lacks filtration, but does have an LED light and a cover to keep intruders out of the tank. Although the lack of filtration is not critical if regular water changes are performed, it should be considered when considering this bowl. Also be aware that it will be difficult to maintain the proper heat. For those reasons this tank isn't as high on my list as those that are equipped with a filtration system. It's better than an open topped cup or plant vase, but not much.
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Wall Fish Bowl

Wall Mount Fishbowl
Photo © Shirlie L. Sharpe
I've included this option to show a tank that is not suitable for a Betta. Oh sure, they look cool and easy to manage, but they are not the best habitat for your fish and certainly not easy to care for. Wall bowls are not easy to access, and have no means to provide heat, light or filtration. It's a toss up which is worse - a plant vase, or wall bowl.

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