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Aquarium & Fish FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about fish, aquariums, water conditions, plants, maintenance and repairs. If your question isn't answered here send an e-mail to Shirlie, your Guide to Freshwater Aquariums.
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Common New Aquarium Mistakes
Often new aquarium owners make fatal mistakes because they don't know the pitfalls to avoid. Here are top mistakes made when starting a new aquarium, and how to avoid them.

Freshwater Forums
The Freshwater Forums is a thriving community that is a great resource of information and answers to your questions. Here is how to quickly reach the forum, and find what you are looking for.

How Many Nets - How Many Nets Do You Use?
How Many Nets Do You Use?

Schooling Fish
Fish in unison are absolutely mesmerizing, changing directions in an instant, yet never colliding with each other. How are they able to swim in unison? Find out more about how and why fish swim in schools.

Most fish owners would agree that their watery companions deserve a name. Do you name our fish, and if so, what names have you used?

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