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Problem Solving

Every aquarium owner runs into problems sooner or later. Here are tips for handling aquarium and fish problems, and ways to avoid them in the first place.
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Low Oxygen in Aquarium Water
What to do to identify and correct low oxygen conditions in a freshwater aquarium.

Invasive Fish and Plants
Aquarium and pond fish and plants don't belong in your local lake or river. Here's why you should never dump your fish or plants.

Is Grounding an Aquarium Necessary?
The need for grounding an aquarium has been described by any number of experts. While I agree that shocks can (and do) happen around aquarium equipment, I disagree with how to address the issue. Here's why.

Getting Rid of Aquarium Oil Slicks
Ever notice an ‘oil slick’ in your tank? If you did, you were probably scratching your head wondering where it came from, if it’s harmful and how to get rid of it. Here's the answers to those questions.

White Residue on Aquarium Glass
White residue can drive you nuts. Fortunately there is an inexpensive and simple way to remove it.

How To Clean a Dirty Fish Tank
Sometimes an aquarium gets out of control. Here are step by step instructions for thoroughly cleaning an aquarium, complete with a list of supplies you will need.

Fixing Cloudy Water in a New Tank
New aquariums often experience a period during which the water becomes very cloudy. Understanding why the water is cloudy is a key factor in clearing it up.

What are the causes of cloudy water?
Cloudy water is one of the most baffling aquarium problems. Because there is no single cause there is no single solution. However, based on the color and circumstances under which cloudy water appears, it usually can be pinpointed to one of these basic causes.

How do I feed my fish when I'm on vacation?
Vacations need not be a problem for fish owners. Here is what you need to know about feeding your fish while you are away.

Can I Replace My Aquarium Gravel?
Is it wise to change the gravel in an established aquarium? There are pros and cons do starting over. Here is what you should consider before making a change, as well as tips for how to do it successfully.

How to Upgrade an Aquarium
Upgrading to a larger tank is exciting, but it takes some planning to accomplish successfully. Here are some tips for making the move go smoothly.

How do I upgrade to a bigger aquarium?
Upgrading to a larger tank is exciting, but it takes some planning to accomplish successfully. Here are some tips for making the move go smoothly.

Do rocks affect the water pH?
Rocks and other items used to decorate your aquarium can and will affect the water chemistry. Here is what to look for when considering rocks for your aquarium.

How do I lower high water temperatures?
HIgh water temperatures can be dangerous or even lethal to fish if they remain high for a period of time. Here are the steps to take if you have a heat problem.

What if the power goes out when it's cold?
Power failures can be dangerous to your aquarium fish. What can you do if you live where it's cold and your power goes out? Here are some tips to be prepared for worst case scenario.

Foam on Aquarium Water
Have you ever noticed foam on your aquarium water and wondered where it came from? Foam on aquarium water comes from several sources, and can be harmless or deadly.

How do I rid plants of snails?
Snails are both a blessing and a curse. When there are too many, how do you rid plants of them?. Plant expert Don Matakis shares his thoughts on the subject.

Cannibalistic Fish?
Sometimes it appears that fish suddenly turn on one another, but are fish truly cannibalistic?

Yellow or Brown Aquarium Water
Is your aquarium water yellow or brownish? Here's what may be causing it, and how to fix it.

Missing Aquarium Fish
Every aquarium has had an occasion when they couldn't locate all their fish. Perhaps the fish eventually reappeared, but other times the fish is never found. What causes fish to disappear, and in some cases, never be found?

Aquarium Emergency Stories
Have you faced an aquarium emergency, such as a power outage? How did you handle the situation, and what advice would you give others who want to be prepared. See submissions

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