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Live Aquarium Plants

Live aquarium plants add to a healthy habitat for your fish. Here is how to keep and care for live plants.
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Aquarium Substrate Heating
Growing robust live plants in your aquarium is a challenge. Setting up your aquarium with substrate heating cables is a good way to tip the odds in your favor.

Planted Aquariums
Planted Aquariums

Aquarium Plants - Real or Artificial?
Are real plants better than artificial? In some cases yes, but the answer truly depends on the preference of the fish keeper. Here are the pros and cons of both.

Converting to Live Plants
Many aquarium owners have gazed at planted aquariums and wished they could have live plants. Unfortunately most don't know where to start. This series of articles follows a new aquarium owner as she converts her tank from plastic to live plants.

Aquascape Planning
Want a beautiful aquarium full of live plants? You can do it, but it takes planning. Plant expert Don Matakis explains the need for planning, and what to take into consideration when deciding how to aquascape your tank.

Planting Techniques - Part 1
Need help getting started with live plants? Don Matakis begins his series of articles about planting techinques with advice for selecting substrate, how to add Laterite, and how to plant and trim tall stem plants.

Planting Techniques - Part 2
Want a beautiful aquarium full of live plants? In this installment of the planting techniques series,plant expert Don Matakis explains how to handle mid-ground plants.

Plant Profiles
How to identify, choose and care for aquarium plants for your freshwater aquarium or pond.

Plant FAQs
Few things compare to an aquarium full of beautiful live plants. However, live plants can be a challenge to even an expert. Here are answers to reader questions about live plants.

Plant Substrates
Live plants are great for creating a beautiful and healthy aquarium habitat. To succeed with live plants, it helps to start with the right plant substrate.

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