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Plant Questions

Answers to questions about live plants.

Can I use a Biowheel in a Planted Tank?
Are biowheel filters a good option for a planted tank? Plant grower, Don Matakis, answers that question.

Do Guppies and Swords Eat Plants?
Some fish are known to eat live plants. Are Guppies and Swortails a problem in planted tanks?. Plant expert Don Matakis answers that quesiton.

How do I Rid Plants of Snails?
Snails are both a blessing and a curse. When there are too many, how do you rid plants of them?. Plant expert Don Matakis shares his thoughts on the subject.

How Much Iron do Live Plants Need?
Do you need to add iron for optimum plant growth? What if your water has lots of iron in it? How much is too much? Plant expert Don Matakis shares his expertise and offers suggestions about iron needs in plants.

Is Gravel Necessary?
Is having gravel necessary in an aquarium? Generally the answer is yes, but there are occasions when no substrate at all is best. This FAQ explains why you need, or don't need, substrate.

Which Live Plants are Good for Angelfish?
If you have a passion for Angelfish as well as live plants, you may have wondered which types of plants make the best habitat for Angels. Plant expert Don Matakis shares his expertise and offers suggestions for a planted Angelfish tank.

Substrate For Planted Tanks
Choosing the proper substrate for your planted aquarium makes all the difference. Plant grower, Don Matakis offers his advice on choosing substrates.

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