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Photos of freshwater aquariums, fish, ponds, and where to find photo contests.
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Publish Your Fish and Aquarium Photos
Want to share your aquarium or fish photos? Here is how you can have them published on the Freshwater Aquarium site.

Angelfish Gallery
There is only one primary species of Angelfish sold in the aquarium trade, but there are many interesting and beautiful color variations, which are shown in this gallery.

Beautiful Bettas
Virtually everyone enjoys gazing at Bettas, with their colorful flowing fins. This tour of Betta photos taken by readers and your Guide highlights why Bettas continue to be one of the most popular fish on the market.

Betta & Gourami Profiles
Photos and profiles of Bettas and Gouramis, members of the Anabantoidei family. Fish in this family have a labyrinth fish, which allows them to take oxygen directly from the air. They are native to Africa and Southeast Asia, residing in areas where high temperature and shallow water depth result in low oxygen saturation in the water.

Catfish Gallery
Catfish are a large and diverse family, with many interesting and attractive species. A common characteristic of Catfish are a of scales, and one or more pairs of barbels. They are also graced with a Weber's apparatus, which connects the hearing and swim bladder organs, giving them an exceptionally keen sense of hearing

Crowntail and Halfmoon Bettas
Crowntail and Halfmoon Bettas bear striking fin characteristics. The Halfmoon Betta tail, when held erect, will form a half moon of at least 180 degrees. The Crowntail Betta has at least a one third reduction in the webbing versus ray length in the caudal, anal and dorsal fins. This photo gallery shows Crowntail and Halfmoon Bettas owned by Betta Breeder Daniella Vereeken.

Goldfish Photo Gallery
Goldfish, dogs, and budgerigars have been kept as pets for longer than any other animals. Much as I love dogs and birds, I have to choose goldfish as my favorite.

Kids, Pets & Fish Tour
Kids, Pets and Fish -- what a winning combination. I couldn't resist these delightful photos of fish with children or family pets.

Livebearer Photo Tour
Guppies, Mollies, Platys, and Swordtails all have something in common. They all bear live young and they are all colorful fish. This photo tour can attest to their attractive coloration.

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