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Fish News & Polls

Fish topics in the news, fish factiods, and polls about popular fish topics.

Glofish - Should Fish Be Genetically Engineered?
Created via genetic manipulation using material from jellyfish, it's easy to understand why the Glofish fish sparks plenty of conversation. What do you think - should fish be genetically engineered?

Flat Fish Tanks - Only For Flat Fish??
Fish tanks come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes. A recent fad is a flat tank that can be hung on a wall, much like a flat panel television. What do you think? Should fish be hung on a wall?

Health Benefits of Aquarium Fish
Do you have a stressful life, high blood pressure, insomnia? Keeping an aquarium may be good therapy for you. Studies going back as far as the late 80’s have shown that gazing at aquarium fish reduces stress and subsequently lowers blood pressure.

Aquarium Fish Polls
Fishowners are often passionate about their favorite species of fish. How about you? What is your favorite Catfish? What is your favorite Gourami? How about your favorite Livebearing fish? What's your overall favorite fish? Find these questions and many more in the aquarium fish polls

Aquariums In The News
Looking for interesting news about freshwater aquariums and fish? Here are the latest tidbits from various news services. Bookmark this page, and visit often.

Fish Trivia # 1
Fact is often more interesting than fiction. Check out this fish trivia.

Fish Trivia # 2
Fact is often more amazing than fiction. Check out this interesting second edition of fish trivia.

Name the Fish - Quiz # 1
Think you know your fish games? Try this game and see how much you really know.

Name the Fish - Quiz # 2
Like the Name The Fish Game? Check out installment two of the game!

Name the Fish - Quiz # 3
If you enjoyed Name the Fish 1& 2, you are in luck. Here is the next installment of the fish naming game series.

Who Wants to Be a Fish Expert?
How much do you know about aquarium fish? Maybe more than you give yourself credit for. Try the Fish Expert quiz, and see how you rate.

Snakeheads Call Potomac Home
First it was Crofton Maryland, then a river Wisconsin, now the mighty Potomac has been invaded by Snakeheads. Like or not, it the snakeheads are here to stay.

More Snakeheads
Concern over the possibility of snakeheads has been raised after a third specimen was found.

Aquatic Christmas Tree History
The Aquatic Fish Tree has generated many questions over the years. Here's a history of how the tree came to be, and where all those ornaments came from.

Aquarium Fish 12 Days of Christmas
Aquarium Fish 12 Days of Christmas

Fishy Christmas Ornaments
Where to find fish themed Christmas ornaments.

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