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Aquarium Cleaning Supplies


Behind every beautiful aquarium is an algae scraper and gravel vacuum. These products will help you maintain a healthy environment for your fish and keep your aquarium looking great. Remember that maintenance is an ongoing thing - even the best products won't keep your tank clean if you don't use them regularly.

Algae Pad

Algae Pad
Is it necessary to purchase algae pads at a pet shop instead of the local department store? Yes! Although the pads may look the same, there may be soap or chemical residue in them from the manufacturing process. Soap or chemical reside can be lethal to aquarium fish.
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Glass Magnet

Glass magnet
Tired of sticking your whole arm into the tank to clean the glass? A magnetic glass cleaner is just what you need. Tip: bigger isn't better. Opt for the smaller ones, as they are more maneuverable and don't fall off the glass as readily as the larger variety.
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Glass Scraper

Nothing takes algae off glass like a good scraper. A metal razor works well on glass aquariums, while plastic is safest for acrylic tanks.

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Safe & Easy Aquarium Cleaner

Glass Cleaner

At one time or another, everyone gets that stubborn lime buildup on the light, hood, and lid. Standard cleansers can be hazardous. Use a lime cleaner that is made specifically for aquarium use.

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Glass Cleaner

The outside of the aquarium requires special cleansers to keep it clean and attractive. Although marketed for reptile cages, these handy wipes are safe and easy to use on your aquarium glass and other external parts.

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Siphon/Gravel Cleaner


Your living room carpet isn't the only thing that requires vacuuming. A good siphon makes short work of cleaning the gravel in your aquarium. My personal choice is the python, which attaches to any faucet and eliminates the need for buckets and manual priming.

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Net Soak

Nets are often overlooked when performing aquarium maintenance. Using net soak will prevents transmitting disease, and prolongs the life of your fish nets.

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Filter Brush

When cleaning the filter, the right brush is everything. Be sure to have a filter brush on hand to get into those tight spaces.

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