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Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium maintenance is key to keeping your fish healthy. Learn how to care for and maintain your aquarium.

Cleaning Aquarium Plants
What does an owner do when their once attractive plants get dirty? Learn how to safely clean live or artificial plants.

Aquarium Cleaning Bucket
Looking for an useful, unique, and inexpensive gift for an aquarium owner? The aquarium cleaning bucket may be just what you are looking for. Put all these items in a bucket, top with a festive bow, and you have a gift that will be appreciated by any fish owner.

Is Bleach Safe For Aquarium Use?
Broach the subject of using bleach to clean an aquarium, and a heated discussion about safety is sure to follow. So is it safe or not? Read on for the answer.

Aquarium Cleaning Supplies
Behind every beautiful aquarium is an algae scraper and gravel vacuum. Here is everything you need to keep your aquarium clean as a whistle.

Cleaning Under a UGF
If you've ever considered tearing down your under gravel filter, just to get junk out from under the plate, here is a tip you'll enoy.

How to Clean a Fish Bowl
How to Clean a Fish Bowl

How You Clean a Fish Bowl - Share How You Clean a Fish Bowl
Share How You Clean a Fish Bowl

Inexpensive Aquarium Algae Removal Tools
Battling algae can be frustrating, not to mention expensive. Instead of sending a lot on specialty tools from the pet shop, try these commonly available items around your home.

Aquarium Water Buffering Agents
Maintaining a stable pH is important for the health of your fish. Buffering agents are often used to assist with keeping the pH in the desired range.

Routine Aquarium Maintenance
Experts may disagree on the specific points of aquarium maintenance, but any regular routine is better than no maintenance at all. This is my recommended aquarium maintenance plan.

Aquarium Siphons and Gravel Cleaners
The aquarium siphon is a powerful tool in the battle to keep your aquarium a clean and healthy environment for your fish and plants. Learn more about why an aquarium siphon is something you should have.

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