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Choosing and caring for fish is what keeping an aquarium is all about. This guide covers everything from fish species, to feeding fish, to diagnosing and treating diesase.
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Fish Species

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Fish come in all sizes and shapes, each with different needs. Before bringing fish home take a little time to learn about their care and habits. This guide covers hundreds of common aquarium fish.

Feeding Fish

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What you feed your fish is as important as the environment you provide for them. This feeding guide provides all the information you need to make good food choices for your fish.

Illness & Disease

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If fish are well cared for, disease is a rare occurrence. On those occasions when a fish becomes ill, having information at your fingertips is critical. This guide is your reference to fish health, disease, treatment, and prevention.

Fish FAQs

Every fish owner will eventually have questions about their fish. Here are answers to common fish questions. Didn't find your answer here? Send me an email.

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