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Fish Photos

Photos of a wide variety of fish species.
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Publish Your Fish and Aquarium Photos
Want to share your aquarium or fish photos. Here is how you can have them published on the Freshwater Aquarium site.
Kids, Pets, and Fish
Kids, Pets and Fish -- what a winning combination. I couldn't resist these delightful photos of fish with children or family pets. Enjoy!
Livebearer Photo Tour #1
Guppies, Mollies, Platies, and Swordtails all have something in common. They have live young, and they are all colorful fish. This photo tour can attest to their attractive coloration.
Betta Photo Tour #1
Virtually everyone enjoys gazing at Bettas, with their colorful flowing fins. Here is a tour of Betta photos taken by readers and your Guide. Have a Betta photo you'd like to show off? Submit yours for the next photo.
Jack Wattley-Discus
16 stunning photos of Discus. Caution - these take time to load - but they are worth it!
Universal Discus
Small but nice collection of Discus photos, from Universal Discus.
Anabantid Pictures
Small selection of anabantid photos, listed alphabetically by common name, from Aquaria Central.
Goldfish Photographs
A collection of about three dozen goldfish photos, from the Tung Hoi Aquarium Company.
The Tropical Fish Picture Gallery
Small photo gallery, listed alphabetically by scientific name, from Petra Aqua.

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