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Aquarium Power Heads


Power heads or circulating pumps are a great way to increase water movement in a freshwater aquarium. They can also be used to drive filers, such as UGFs or sponge filters. This list includes a variety of different styles and strengths of power heads, and suggestions for which applications they are best suited for.

AquaClear Powerhead Pumps

AquaClear powerheads run quiet and will perform dependably for years. They provide enough power to provide good water movement throughout the tank, and sufficient lift to easily power a UGF. AquaClear comes in a variety of sizes from models designed for small tanks all the way up to modesl for tanks of 100 gallons or more. Available sizes include:

AquaClear 20 - 126 GPH
AquaClear 30 - 174 GPH
AquaClear 50 - 270 GPH
AquaClear 70 - 400 GPH
AquaClear 110 - 900 GPH

Aqueon Circulation Pumps

Aqueon circulation pumps are reasonably priced and come in a wide range of sizes. They are quiet in operation and run dependably. They attach with a strong suction cup, and have a pivot head. Available in the following sizes:

Aqueon 6131 - 500 GPH
Aqueon 6132 - 700 GPH
Aqueon 6133 - 950 GPH
Aqueon 6134 - 1250 GPH
Aqueon 6135 - 1650 GPH
Aqueon 6136 - 2400 GPH
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AquaTop Powerhead Pumps

Equipped with an optional venturi air regulator to increase aeration, the Aquatop is great for providing water movement in key locations within the aquarium, thus eliminating those dead spots that can occur. Reasonably priced, they come in 4 sizes:

AquaTop PH-8 - 158 GPH
AquaTop PH-16 - 264 GPH
AquaTop PH-22 - 312 GPH
AquaTop PH-35 - 422 GPH
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Azoo Powerhead Pumps

Azoo powerhead pumps are fully submersible, compact, and have an adjustable outflow. Inexpensively priced, which shows in limited durability, with fairly high failure rates reported. Available in the following sizes:

Azoo Powerhead 60 - 16 GPH
Azoo Powerhead 180 - 48 GPH
Azoo Powerhead 600 - 158 GPH
Azoo Powerhead 1200 - 317 GPH
Azoo Powerhead 1800 - 475 GPH
Azoo Powerhead 2500 - 660 GPH
Azoo Powerhead 3200 - 790 GPH
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Cobalt Aquatics Powerhead Pumps

Built to perform under the harshest conditions, the Cobalt Aquatics Powerhead line is great for general use in small to large aquariums. They have a fully rotational output, are equipped with a venturi silencer, and have a large intake screen that is well designed for fitting with a sponge. Cobalt offers their powerheads in four sizes, that include:

Cobalt Aquatics Powerhead MJ-400 - 110 GPH
Cobalt Aquatics Powerhead MJ-600 - 160 GPH
Cobalt Aquatics Powerhead MJ-900 - 230 GPH
Cobalt Aquatics Powerhead MJ-1200 - 295 GPH
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Hydor Koralia Powerhead Pumps

Hydor Koralia powerheads are fully submersible, and unique ball design allows the flow to be directed in virtually any direction, making them an outstanding choice for a variety of uses. The nano version provides a current that is gentle enough for applications where water movement is desired, but not a strong current. The magnet mount is strong and holds reliably.

Koralia comes in three product lines, that includes the Nano series for the smaller flow rates, the Evolution Series, and the Magnum series at the top end of the flow rate. All are magnet mounted, and allow full range of direction for the flow. Sizes include:

Koralia Nano 240 - 240 GPH
Koralia Nano 425 - 425 GPH
Koralia Evolution 550 - 600 GPH
Koralia Evolution 750 - 850 GPH
Koralia Evolution 1050 - 1,150 GPH
Koralia Evolution 1400 - 1,500 GPH
Koralia 5 Magnum - 1,650 GPH
Koralia 6 Magnum - 2,200 GPH
Koralia 7 Magnum - 2,700 GPH
Koralia 8 Magnum - 3,250 GPH

Hydor Pico Power Head

The Hydro Pico powerhead pumps are designed for small aquariums, particularly Nano tanks. As with other Hydor models, this line is fitted with magnetic suction cups. All models are equipped with a flow regulator to allow adjustment to just the right flow rate. Available in four sizes.

Pico Evo 180 - 180 GPH
Pico Evo 200 - 200 GPH
Pico Evo 300 - 300 GPH
Pico Evo 600 - 600 GPH
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Maxi-Jet Powerhead Pumps

Reasonably priced and reliable, the Maxi-Jet Pro series from Marineland are an industry standard in power heads. They can be used for a variety of applications, from simply providing water movement, to driving undergravel filters. They are quiet running and come in a wide range of sizes. The utility series works well for sump applications, while the mini-jet is designed for small aquariums. Sizes for the various series include:

Maxi-Jet Pro Pumps
Maxi-Jet 400 Pro Powerhead - 110/500 GPH
Maxi-Jet 600 Pro Powerhead - 160/750 GPH
Maxi-Jet 900 Pro Powerhead - 230/1000 GPH
Maxi-Jet 1200 Pro Powerhead - 295/1300 GPH

Maxi-Jet Utility Pumps
Maxi-Jet 400 Utility Pump - 106 gph
Maxi-Jet 900 Utility Pump - 247 gph
Maxi-Jet 1100 Utility Pump - 294 gph
Maxi-Jet 1800 Utility Pump - 474 gph
Maxi-Jet 3000 Utility Pump - 775 gph

Mini-Jet Pumps

Penguin Powerhead

Penguin powerhead pumps have been a consistent performer in aquariums for many years. They are durable, quiet running, and reasonably priced. Penguin powerhead pumps are designed to work well with a sponge, and feature an adjustable flow diffuser and aeration valve. They are available in the following sizes:

550 - 145 GPH
660 - 170 GPH
660R - 170 GPH (reverse flow)
1140 - 300 GPH

Rio Aqua Pumps

Rio Aqua and Plus Aqua pumps are fully submersible, and work well with UGFs, wet-dry filters, sponge filters, and for general water movement. They are offered in over a dozen sizes:

Rio Mini 50 Aqua - 65 GPH
Rio Mini 90 Aqua - 85 GPH
Rio Mini 180 Aqua - 120 GPH
Rio Mini 200 Aqua - 138 GPH
Rio Mini 400 Aqua - 144 GPH
Rio Mini 600 Aqua - 200 GPH
Rio Mini 800 Aqua - 211 GPH
Rio Mini 1000 Aqua - 271 GPH
Rio Mini 1100 Aqua - 382 GPH
Rio Mini 1400 Aqua - 420 GPH
Rio Mini 1700 Aqua - 641 GPH
Rio Mini 2100 Aqua - 692 GPH
Rio Mini 2500 Aqua - 872 GPH
Rio Mini 3100 Aqua - 900 GPH
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