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Do it Yourself

No need to buy it when you can make your own. Here are instructions for doing a wide variety of your own DIY aquarium projects.
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Do It Your Self Stories
Have you faced an aquarium problem, and came up with your own do it yourself solution? Perhaps it was as elaborate as an aquarium stand or water changer, or as simple as a tank divider or background. If you've done it, please tell your story so other fish owners can benefit from your ingenuity.

Emergency Power For Aquariums
All fish onwers are wise to prepare for the possibility that unexpected events may suddenly leave their aquarium without power for as much as several days. Adam Goldstein, who weathered hurricane Katrina when it hit Florida, shares his successful plan for running his aquariums when the power went out.

Aquarium Tips
Everyone who has been in the hobby for any length of time has discovered a number of shortcuts, useful tips, or handy substitutions. This list of top reader tips may have just the solution you are looking for. Read on, then send in your favorite tips to add to the list.

Adhesives and Sealant
You'll need sealants in many projects. This newsgroup discussion has lots of tips about what to use.

Air Pumps
Tips for how to quiet a noisy air pump.

Air pump silencer
For anyone who has ever gone crazy from listening to a noisy air pump. Simple, but effective.

Converting Fluorescents to Auto-Start
How to convert your existing fluorescent light to auto start. Great for those who want to use timers, but don't want to purchase a new light fixture.

Fish Rooms
If you want to set up your own fish room, the two dozen messages in this collection are a great place to start your research.

Tank Backgrounds
Looking for alternatives for purchased backgrounds? This newsgroup discussion has plenty of ideas.

Tank Dividers
Need to divide your tank? Don't buy expensive dividers - try out these suggested alternatives.

Can't catch a fish without tearing your tank apart? Here is a simple do it yourself trap.

Water Changers
Ideas for how to set up your own automatic water changer.

Do It Yourself Projects for Aquariums
No need to buy it when you can make your own. This article explains what to consider before doing your own DIY aquarium projects.

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