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Ammonia Poisoning

Ammonia is the great silent killer of aquarium fish. Almost every fish owner has or will be faced with ammonia poisoning, particularly during startup. Knowing how to detect it, and the steps to take to correct the problem, will allow you to avoid losing your fish


Often mistaken for a fungal infection because of its mold-like lesions, Columnaris is a common bacterial infection in cultured fish, particularly livebearing fish and catfish.

Fin Rot

Both common, and curable, Fin Rot is also one of the most preventable diseases in aquarium fish. If left untreated, it can kill the sick fish and infect others in the aquarium. Here's how to treat infected fish, and how to avoid it in the first place.

Fish disease movies

Anyone who is struggling to diagnose a fish disease will appreciate these movies.

Fish Health

Every fish owner must concern themselves with the health of their fish. Fortunately, if fish are well cared for, disease is a rare occurance. On those occassions when a fish becomes ill, having information at your fingertips is critical.

Ich (Ick)

The name translates to "fish louse with many children", a title that fits well, as each parasite may produce over a thousand offspring. Although the disease is the equivalent of a skin infection, it can easily be fatal to a fish stressed by poor diet or habitat.

Neon Tetra Disease

Named after the beautiful Neon Tetra, Pleistophora hyphessobryconis is a devastating disease that spares the Cardinal Tetra (shown here), yet strikes a variety of other fish. Although it is incurable, quick diagnosis can save tankmates from becoming

Nitrite Poisoning

The Ammonia begins to fall and just when you thought it was safe, you get slammed with a nitrite spike. Here's what to do about nitrite poisoning, and how to avoid it in the first place.

Salt in a Freshwater Aquarium

Next time you have sick fish, the remedy might not be farther away than your kitchen table. Ordinary salt is a useful remedy for the prevention and treatment of several freshwater fish diseases.


The name sounds nice, but don't be fooled. Velvet is one of the more common diseases in aquarium fish, and can strike down every inhabitant in the tank before the hapless owner realizes what he or she is dealing with.

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