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Catfish Profiles


Catfish are a large and diverse family, with hundreds of species. A common characteristic of Catfish are the lack of scales, as well as one or more pairs of barbels. They are also graced with a Weber's apparatus, which connects the hearing and swim bladder organs. This connection provides them with an exceptionally keen sense of hearing.

The erroneous notion that Catfish don't need to be fed has caused many to suffer an untimely death due to starvation. Although they are bottom feeders and will eat what they can scavenge, they cannot live on debris. To ensure Catfish have proper nutrition they should be fed a good quality sinking food.
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Adolfos CoryAlbino Driftwood CatfishBandit CoryBlackfin Cory
Bristlenose CatfishBronze CoryDebauwi CatGiant Whiptail
Hog-Nosed BrochisJordan's CatfishOtocinclusPictus Catfish
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