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Books For Beginners


Books are invaluable to all fish owners, from beginner to advanced. If you are new to fish keeping here are titles I recommend to get your aquatic library started.

Setting Up a Freshwater Aquarium

This is an excellent beginner book that explains what you need to get started, how to maintain your tank, how to choose fish, and how to care for them. Even young fish enthusiasts will find this book interesting and easy to understand. The one weak point is the small number of fish species that are profiled.
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The Simple Guide to Fresh Water Aquariums

The more I read this book, the more I like it. It covers virtually everything a new aquarium owner needs to know and presents it in an interesting way. There are lots of photos and practical advice throughout the book, and it's well worth the investment!
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You and Your Aquarium

You and Your Aquaruim
This is an excellent book that covers tank setup, how to perform maintenance, plant selection and care, as well as fish care. The disease diagnosis flow chart is very easy to use. Also included is a species guide that covers the most common aquarium fish. It's well worth the purchase price.
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The Practical Aquarium Fish Handbook

For the price, this is a great little fish reference book. There are are color photos and basic care information for several hundred fish. If you want a fish reference book and are on a tight budget, this one is a good option.
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Aquarium Owner's Guide

This guide covers all setup and care in a very concise and easy to understand way. Although the number of species covered is limited, the information is excellent. Gina shares many of her own personal experiences, offering tips that are often omitted from standard reference books. That alone is worth adding it to your library.
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Manual of Fish Health

Every beginner should have this book in their library. It covers not only disease diagnosis and treatment, but all the important steps to take to prevent illness from happening in the first place. The book explains the importance of proper diet and aquarium maintenance.
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