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Books About Cichlids


This list of books about Cichlids covers books that are general in nature, or cover both American and African species. The books are listed in order of publication, with the most recently published books first. Although older volumes may be dated, they often are still good reference books, particularly used copies that only cost a few dollars. Used book sellers and ebay are good sources for older or out of print titles. For books about specific Cichlid groups, check these lists.

Books About African Cichlids
Books About American Cichlids
Books About Angelfish
Books About Discus
Books About Oscars

Aquarium Care of Cichlids (Animal Planet Pet Care Library)

Written in an easy to understand format, this is a good basic book geared for the beginner. Some have panned it for being simplistic, but I feel it is well written for the intended audience of newcomers. The book covers tank setup, selection of fish, care and feeding, as well as breeding basics. At a mere ten dollars, it is a good choice for the beginner seeking information for their first Cichlid aquarium.

Publish Date: 2007
Author(s): Claudia Dickinson
Publisher: Tfh Pubns Inc
Hardcover: 112 pag
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Pocket Professional Guide to Cichlids

This book is exactly what the name states - a pocket guide. Authored by respected expert, David E. Boruchowitz, it is packed with photos of hundreds of Cichlid species. They have been organized by region, which I believe to be the ideal way of grouping fish. At the beginning of each regional chapter, the author provides an overview of the natural habitat and how to provide a similar aquarium habitat. For each species there is a photo, and very basic information about the fish, as well as tips for proper identification. I found this book to be a good one to aid in species identification. Some have panned it for not including common names, however common names are not an accurate way to identify fish species and can be misleading.

Publish Date: 2006
Author(s): David E. Boruchowitz
Publisher: TFH Publications
Paperback: 448 pages
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Cichlids (Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)

This book is part of Barron's Complete Pet Owner's series, which are all geared to provide beginners with the information they need to successfully keep their new pet. This volume covers a variety of common Cichlids, providing good information about which fish can (or cannot) be kept together and how to properly care for them. I recommend it for anyone who would like to start keeping Cichlids.

Publish Date: 2005
Author(s): George Zurlo and David Schleser
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series; 2 edition
Paperback: 96 pages
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Cichlids: Understanding Angelfish, Oscars, Discus, and Others

This interesting book covers the basics of several cichlids, focusing on history and where they originate from. It includes plenty of high quality photos, and touches upon all the basics. There is a section on diseases, which is brief, but still covers more than other books I've seen. For the price, a good book to have in your library.

Publish Date: 2003
Author(s): David Alderton
Publisher: BowTie Press
Hardcover: 144 pages
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Enjoying Cichlids

Another basic book about Cichlids that covers all the popular and more common species. Like other general volumes, it gives basic information about where Cichlids are found in the world, and how to take care of them. Species information is not in-depth, but it does cover all the basics. Worth the investment for a used copy.

Publish Date: 2002
Author(s): Kjell Fohrman, Mary Bailey, and Ad Konings
Publisher: Cichlid Press; 2nd edition
Hardcover: 240 pages
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The Cichlid Fishes: Nature's Grand Experiment In Evolution

I am including this book in my list, because I want to let potential buyers know that this is not a how-to book. It's intended for those who want to know more about why Cichlids behave the way they do. I found it to be a fascinating book and was so captivated I read it in one sitting. If you enjoy reading and like to know more about what makes a fish tick, you'll like this book. However, if you are looking for a book to explain how to care for Cichlids,find another book.

Publish Date: 2002
Author(s): George Barlow
Publisher: Basic Books
Paperback: 352 pages

Cichlids: The Pictorial Guide, Volume 2

Volume two of a two part pictorial guide to Cichlids continues where volume one left off. As with the first publication, this is a picture book only, it does not contain information about the species themselves, or how to care for them. For anyone wanting an outstanding visual guide to Cichlids, it's a good investment. If you are looking for Cichlid information, keep looking.

Publish Date: 1996
Author(s): Pablo Tepoot and Ian Tepoot
Publisher: New Life Publications; 1st edition
Hardcover: 336 pages
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Cichlids: The Pictorial Guide Volume 1

This is volume one of a two part pictorial guide to Cichlids. The photos are nothing short of stunning, making this a great coffee table book in addition to being helpful in identifying Cichlid species. Be aware that this set does not cover care of these fish, it's a pictorial publication only. Still worth the cost to true Cichlid lovers.

Publish Date: 1995
Author(s): Pablo Tepoot and Ian Tepoot
Publisher: New Life Publications (Homestead)
Hardcover: 214 pages
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The Cichlid Aquarium

Written by Dr. Paul V. Loiselle, this is older but still a good reference for the more advanced aquarist. One of the biggest complaints is the lack of an index. Some have reported being able to get an index free from the publisher, .

Publish Date: 1994
Author(s): Paul V. Loiselle
Publisher: Tetra Press; Revised & Expanded edition
Hardcover: 447 pages
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Popular Guide to Tropical Cichlids

Less expensive and more basic than The Cichlid Aquarium, this book by Dr. Paul V. Loiselle does a good job of covering a variety of Cichlid species, including habitat, care and breeding. Used copies can be had for a few dollars, and are worth the investment.

Publish Date: 1994
Author(s): Paul V. Loiselle and Coral Walker
Publisher: Voyageur Press (MN)
Hardcover: 240 pages
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