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Gifts For Betta Lovers


Only one male Betta can be kept in a tank, yet virtually anyone who owns a Betta would like to keep more of them. A small tank is the ultimate gift for a Betta fan. Can’t afford a tank? Never fear -- Betta fans will appreciate anything from this wish list.

Betta Bio-Gold

Hikari Betta Food
The natural diet of Bettas in the wild are insects and insect larvae. If the are not provided with a diet high in protein, they are more prone to disease and a shortened life-span. Bio-gold gives them the nutrients they need to keep them healthy and colorful.
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Betta Reference Book

Courtesy of PriceGrabber

Is your friend a first time Betta owner? If so, they could use some reference material to help them understand the special needs of their Betta. This reference manual published by TFH is a good resource for the new Betta owner.

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Courtesy of PriceGrabber

No self-respecting Betta will turn down bloodworms. However, few owners have a constant supply of them. Give your friend a gift their fish will truly relish. Frozen or freeze dried, they will eat them up, yum!

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Eclipse System Three

Eclipse6 Filter
Forget the vase! Provide your Betta with the best home possible. The eclipse system three provides filtration, lighting, and plenty of room for any Betta. Pricier than bowls, but hands down the best way to go.
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Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Bettas thrive in warm water. If your betta owner friend doesn't have a heater, consider purchasing a 25 or 50 watt heater to keep their betta comfortable and healthy. Your friend will be amazed at how active their fish becomes!
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Mini-bow Aquarium

Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Attractive and stylish, the new mini-bow aquariums are a great way to show off a beautiful Betta. Available in several sizes, generally complete with a startup kit.
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Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Sooner or later every fish owner is faced with having to move his or her fish. Bettas are particularly sensitive to being damaged when netted, due to their long flowing fins. A soft mesh or brine shrimp net is a great choice as a gift.
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