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Resources for the care and breeding of Betta fish.
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Female Betta Experiences - Share Your Female Betta Experiences
Have you kept a Female Betta? If so, share your experiences about care, habitat, feeding and breeding of Female Bettas. Your knowledge could help other owners!

Betta Experiences - Share Your Betta Experiences
Have you keep a Betta? If so, please help other fish owners by sharing what you know about Bettas.

What is a Labyrinth Fish?
Fish are amazing creatures. Some can fly, some can climb trees, and some, such as the labyrinth fish, can breath out of water. How do they breath air? Read on to find out.

Betta in a Vase
Learn why you shouldn't keep a Betta in a flower vase.

Siamese Fighting Fish
A detailed Betta profile, including photos of male and female Bettas.

Stock Shop
Breeder in Britsh Columbia that offers a Bettas from high end hybrids to standard varieties. They do ship outside of Canada, but do not guarantee live arrival

California Betta Society (CBS)
A Betta club located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Meeting locations change from month to month to give people in different parts of the Bay Area a chance to attend. The meeting schedule is posted on the website.

Siamese Fighting Fish
Supplier of Bettas, blackworms and feeder fish.

Los Angeles Betta Society (LABS)
A Greater Los Angeles based IBC Chapter for betta hobbyists.

Philadelphia Area Betta Society (PABS)
A Philadelphia based club for Betta owners and breeders.

Housing Bettas
Written by a Betta breeder, this article covers various housing options for bettas. Nicely done, and her suggestions are right on the money.

Gifts For Betta Lovers
Virtually anyone who owns a Betta yearns for more aquariums because they can only keep one Betta in each tank. Needless to say, a small aquarium is the ultimate gift for a Betta fan. Can’t afford a tank? Never fear -- Betta lovers will kiss your feet you if you select anything from this wish list.

Betta Foods
The top Betta food choices for your fish.

Choosing a Healthy Betta

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