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Betta Questions

Commonly asked questions about Bettas.

Would You Keep a Betta in a Vase?
Keeping a Betta in a vase or other small container is a hot topic. These owners thoughts on whether a Betta should be kept in a vase.

How Long Do Bettas Live?
Bettas are so beautiful, but sadly they don't seem to live very long. Is it because of those little jars they are kept in? Just how long is a Betta supposed to live?

How Many Bettas can be Kept Together?
Compatibility is important when choosing fish for your aquarium. Some species, such as the Betta, aren't even compatible with others of their own kind.

Is an Eclipse System Suitable for a Betta?
In nature Bettas live in calm waters, yet most aquarium filtration systems are designed to move the water vigorously. Are Eclipse systems suitable for a Bettas?

Is it Safe to Keep a Betta in a Vase?
For a number of years the Betta and flower vase combination has been popular. Is a vase a safe and healthy home for the Betta?

What is the Best Environment for a Betta?
Bettas don't belong in a vase, but where do they belong? Here is advice for setting up a healthy environment for a Betta.

Betta Gender
Learn how to determine Betta gender

Commonly Asked Questions About Bettas
Bettas are one of the most popular and easily recognizable freshwater aquarium fish. These FAQs cover the most commonly asked questions about Bettas.

What is the Best Environment for a Betta?
Tips for setting up the most healthy environment for a Betta.

All About Bettas
All about caring for and breeding Bettas

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