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Converting to Live Plants

Switching From Plastic to Live Aquarium Plants


Converting to Live Plants Don Matakis

Many aquarium owners have gazed at planted aquariums and wished that they could have live plants in their own aquarium. Unfortunately most don't know where to start, or have tried previously only to have the plants die off.

This series documents how a new aquarium owner successfully converted her tank from plastic to live plants. Every step of her journey is described in her own words, along with lots of photos, and tips and advice from your Guide, and Don Matakis, an expert plant grower.

My thanks to Sheila for sharing her journal and to Don Matakis for sending plants and providing Sheila with expert advice.

Although the conversion is complete, we'll check back with Sheila periodically to see how her tank is doing. If any of you have tips to share, or comments to make about this series, please email me at freshaquarium@aboutguide.com.
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