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Eclipse Explorer Aquarium

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Eclipse Explorer

Eclipse Explorer

Shirlie L Sharpe

The Bottom Line

An attractive, easy to maintain unit, that is good for small fish that are tolerant of temperature changes. Not a good choice for Goldfish, or any medium to large fish.
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  • Built in biowheel filtration
  • Light-weight, seamless, durable acrylic finish
  • Available in fun colors that children will enjoy


  • Uses an incandescent light which generates a lot of heat
  • Small size not suitable for many fish


  • Three-stage biowheel filtration
  • Light-weight, break-resistant, injection molded acrylic
  • Available in black, blue, red, green, and purple

Guide Review - Eclipse Explorer Aquarium

Thanks to the Eclipse Explorer, the days of keeping a fish in a glass goldfish bowl are over. The built in bio-wheel filter eliminates the age-old problem of having to change the water to keep it aerated and free of toxins. Includes a 7 watt candelabra style incandescent light fixture, which tends to produce a lot of heat.

Take care when using a heater with this tank, as the incandescent light generates quite a bit of heat. You may choose to not use a heater at all and select fish that tolerate a range of temperatures, as the water temperature will change quite a bit based on the use of the incandescent light. Another option is to place the tank so that it received sufficient external light from the room without using the built in light. In that case a mini heater could be used to maintain the desired temperature.

The size of this tank makes it suitable for only small fish. Goldfish are not an option, due to their need for a much larger aquarium. However, children will enjoy keeping danios, guppies, mountain minnows, and a variety of other small species right in their own room.

Because this is a small tank, maintenance is particularly important. I recommend keeping clean jugs of aged, treated water for use when performing water changes or topping off the tank.
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