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Wisconsin Aquarium Clubs


GreenBayAquariumSociety.jpg Green Bay Aquarium Society

Green Bay Aquarium Society
The Green Bay Aquarium Society is a non-profit, educational organization open to the public.

Madison Aquarium Gardeners Club
The Madison Aquarium Gardeners Club (MAG) members exchange ideas about freshwater planted aquaria.

Milwaukee Aquarium Society
The Milwaukee Aquarium Society is a club dedicated to promoting the aquarium hobby through fellowship and education. Our members’ interests range from enjoying the keeping of a beautiful display aquarium to the breeding and propagation of fish, plants and invertebrates. Our events include general meetings with expert speakers, auctions, swap meets and field trips.

Wisconson Area Killie Org
WAKO is a group of aquarium hobbyists dedicated to the breeding, maintenance and distribution of killifish. We are an affiliate club of the American Killifish Association

If you know of other Wisconsin aquarium clubs that are not on this list, please email freshaquarium@aboutguide.com with details. Thank you.

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