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Washington Aquarium Clubs


gsas-logo-small-trans.png GSAS

Greater Seattle Aquarium Society
A Seattle based non profit corporation, organized to promote interest in the aquarium hobby. They have an extensive article archive that is worth checking out.

Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society
The purpose of the Society will be to promote the hobby of water gardening, and the keeping of ornamental fish, to disseminate information about the above to the membership; to engage in the educational and social activities related to our purposes; and to acquire and own such property as may be necessary for any or all of the foregoing purposes.

Northwest Killies
NWK is an affiliate club of the American Killifish Association,established in 2000. Our intent is to represent the interests of killie keepers of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, and beyond.

Mid Columbia Koi & Pond Club
Our club began in the mid 1980s when several koi lovers got together and decided to combine their knowledge and experiences and encourage other koi and pond lovers to join them. The club became a part of a bigger group when it joined the Pacific Northwest Koi Clubs Association in 2000. Being a part of the PNKCA has afforded the club’s members a huge resource through educational convention seminars—plus the company and friendships of others who also love this fun, if not at times daunting, hobby.

Olympic Koi, Goldfish & Water Garden Club
The Olympic Koi, Goldfish & Water Garden Club is a Kitsap County, WA. area club established in 1987 to promote and enlarge the hobby of keeping, breeding, appreciating, and exhibiting Koi fish. We also disseminate information to the membership, other clubs and the general public and assist beginners to become successful Koi keepers.

Washington Koi and Water Garden Society
Washington Koi and Water Garden Society (WK & WGS) is a non-profit group of people held together by common interest in koi and water gardens.

If you know of other Washington aquarium clubs that are not on this list, please email freshaquarium@aboutguide.com with details. Thank you.

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